Home Invasion, Theft, Stolen Cards, Fraud and More


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On November 3rd, 2019, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) engaged in an investigation that involved a stolen debit card being used fraudulently.

Another investigation was launched on December 18th, 2019 in which a home in the 500 block of Catherine Street was broken into and had items stolen from it.


On January 3rd, 2020 police believe the same suspect from the two previous investigations unlawfully entered a home in the 400 block of Cumberland Street North and stole various items not exceeding a $5000 value. Due to police investigation into these matters, 30-year-old Robert Peter Bundy has been arrested, charged, and was held in police custody pending a court appearance.

Bundy appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via video link from the TBPS station located at 1200 Balmoral Street. Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding along with Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP!” VanKessel and talented criminal defence lawyer Robert Habjan acting as duty counsel.

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Bundy is facing the following charges stemming from the three incidents:

  • Unlawfully entering a dwelling house with intent to commit an indictable offence.
  • Possession of stolen property under $5000.
  • Break and enter a home and commit theft.
  • Possession of a stolen debit card.
  • Fraud under $5000.

Crown Attorney VanKessel tells the court that Bundy is in a Crown-onus situation and that they intend to show the courts why Bundy should be held in jail. A Crown-onus situation means that the burden is on the Crown to show why Bundy should be detained. Further, the Crown cites secondary and tertiary ground concerns regarding Bundy’s release. Secondary ground concerns mean that the Crown believes that Bundy, should he be released, is likely to re-offend, become a public safety concern, interfere with the administration of justice or a combination of the three. Tertiary ground concerns mean that the Crown believes that the public may lose confidence in the administration of justice should Bundy be released.

Court hears that Bundy has a list of repeated property offences and a history of police involvement. The Crown requests that Bundy not contact 4 people, one of them being someone police believe is connected to the thefts he is alleged to have been involved in.


Duty counsel Habjan tells the court that the sharp as a tack Kevin Matthews is Bundy’s lawyer of choice and that he will forward the information from today’s hearing to him.

Bundy is ordered to remain in jail and has his next court appearance set for Monday, January 6th, 2020.


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  1. Another simple minded, lowlife drug addicted leech partaking in “revolving door – rubber stamp” justice. Put the prick in jail.

    1. He’ll get in touch with his feminine side if they ever do the public right, and put that pretty, laid back wanna-be model in prison.
      Soap on a rope is SO darn hard to find in 2020

  2. it is strange i file a report from a female drug head that , Fraud me of over $10,000 in Aug 2006, i gave proof of checks, dedit card refunds to her card on my terminal, and i be leave because she is part native the police have done nothing to date, every time i call. i am told, he is really busy but will get to her, i gave up after a year trying, mean time i am out $10,000 plus

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