(FORT FRANCES, ON) – A 30-year-old Michael Pattison, who is up on charges stemming from a violent home invasion where a knife was involved, has found himself back in a cell at the Fort Frances OPP detachment.
Officers found the man at a local establishment where he was clearly intoxicated and advised him that he was not to be outside of his home while intoxicated. The suspect allegedly left without incident but was later found back at the establishment, consuming alcohol and was therefore arrested and detained at the police station for court this morning.
Pattison is facing a new charge of breaching his bail conditions which stipulate he is to remain in his home while intoxicated.

Pattison is a suspect in a June 13th incident where a home was broken into and a knife was brandished. He may also be still working his way through court for an assaultative charge towards police.
After some discussion, and Pattison claiming he needs to be in Thunder Bay today for a family members funeral, his bail was denied and he was ordered to remain in jail. He has a court appearance scheduled for Monday in Fort Frances.
He will remain in the Fort Frances District Jail until at least Monday.


3 Replies to “Home Invasion Suspect Arrest Again”

    1. I think he’s trying to act tough, but in one picture, looks like he’s inspecting a booger on his finger, trying to decide whether to eat it or not, and in the other, he’s half asleep from eating too many boogers. So much for being tough. Maybe should take up knitting.

  1. Let me get this right The cops find him drunk at a local business and then determine he is in breach of undertaking but decide to let him leave. The police should have known he had charges before the courts regarding the home invasion. Pretty lax action in dealing with the new incident. Then the place where he was found by the police and which nay be an eatery or bar, seems to welcome him back even though he was already drunk when the police were there earlier and continues to serve him more booze. Doubt they were following the regulations regarding their liquor licence. There is a reason they don’t want you to keeping serving more booze when he is already drunk. Shouldn’t be long we hear about another problem involving him/

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