Home Invasion Arrest Made, Assault with a Bat


(LONGLAC, ON) – Hardworking officers with the Greenstone detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police have made an arrest following a home invasion that took place in the 200 block of Otter Road. Further, there was an assault that took place on October 18th, 2019 that involved a baseball bat.

An investigation was launched and as a result of that work police arrested and held a 22-year-old Skyler Dumont. He appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via video link while in police custody at the Greenstone OPP detachment.


Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The Hammer” Silvestro and a duty counsel lawyer. Dumont is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Break and enter and commit assault with a weapon.
  • Assault with a weapon (baseball bat).
  • Breaching probation order.

The Crown states that Dumont is in a Crown-onus situation, meaning that the burden falls on the Crown to show the courts why Dumont should be held in jail. Court hears the Crown recommend the release of Dumont today under a $500 non-deposit, no-surety recognizance with the following conditions:

  • Reside at his relatives place on Wolf Street.
  • Not to be within 50 meters of the address on Otter Road where the alleged home invasion took place.
  • Not to attend the home on Otter Road.
  • Not to possess any weapons.
  • Not to possess or consume any alcohol or intoxicating substances banned under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act unless medically prescribed.
  • Remain in your residence between the hours of 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Duty counsel makes submissions that Dumont is able to live with his relative on Wolf Street as he is frequently babysitting at that residence but that he would need time to ensure he is welcomed to live there. A request is made to alter the condition of where is he is reside and change it to “report your address within 24 hours of your release.


Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio approves this request and alters the condition.

Further, duty counsel states that Dumont works at a local mill that has him working from 3:30 pm until midnight and that the condition that has him needing to be home by 10:00 pm won’t work. A request is put forward to allow him to be out of his residence beyond those hours for work purposes.

Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio approves the request and alters the “reside” condition to allow Dumont to be out of his home to be at work during his curfew, and to be travelling directly to or from work from home.

Dumont’s criminal record appears to be limited and includes an assault charge and a fail to comply with court orders. He is granted release from police custody today and is ordered to return to court at a future court date.


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