(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Ok so now that I’ve had time to chill over what happened last night…. (Monday January 6th, 2020)

Here’s our experience last night with an intruder (By Balsam Pit):


It’s was 3am, and I was just heading to bed. My room is on the main floor, and I always sleep with my bedroom door open to hear the kids upstairs. About 15 mins after I crawled into bed I heard someone in the kitchen and assumed it was my roommate (who’s room is in the basement). But then the dog started growing from upstairs and about 5mins later the kids came running down. They said the dog was freaking out and hid under one of their beds.

So I told them to go back upstairs and went and looked around. Honestly I looked out the window at the car and garage 1st (since we had a break in the garage earlier this year). So then I did a quick check of the house. Every room. Then made sure the doors were locked. The front one wasn’t but I didn’t think too much about it because I just searched the house.

Guys I fucking locked us in the house with an intruder inside!!!!! After my sweep, I went and laid back in bed. I still didn’t feel right. So I got up and went into the kitchen. There my dog was growling lightly and hiding behind the table. I was like “what’s up with you?” And saw her staring towards the living room where the cat was coming out. I walked towards the cat all “oh is that you being trouble?” And as I walk in the living room I come face to face with a strange man!!


He was a tall skinny dude with a black jacket and black tuque. We just stared at each other for what felt like forever. It literally took my brain a minute to process that I did not in fact know this person in my house. “Who the fuck are you?” Out loud…. Followed by…. my brain… fuck this is really happening.

40mins had gone by from the time the dog 1st freaked out to the time I found him. And I even looked around the house!!! You know how many times I investigate strange noises with zero plan and never expect to actually find anything!! I was in complete shock.

I ran to the top of the basement stairs and screamed on the top of my lungs for my male roommate. I grabbed the fucking swiffer wet jet by the stairs and just went at this guy. By then he was heading towards the door. I have no idea what came over me… but I whaled on that guy down my front steps in my slippers! By that time my roommate came out and we watched the stranger run down the street.

We called 911 right away. The guy was never found but the police did another sweep of the house in case anyone else was in there.

Clearly I did not sleep the rest of the night. That is one of the most scariest things that has ever happened to me. After my adrenaline calmed down it hit me at how bad that could have been.

911 asked me if he had any weapons. I never even thought about that once when I yelled at him. Not once when he was 5ft away from me. What if I went back to sleep and never looked a 2nd time. Where the fuck was he when I looked the 1st time?!? What if he went upstairs while I was sleeping. Was he watching me before I went to bed? This whole thing is fucked up.

Our hall light is broken but today in the doorway we found a pile of thawed meat (on my vegetarian daughter’s white jacket) clearly was there before because the swiffer I used on him was on top of the meat pile.

We also found foot prints leading to my front window. Scary shit guys. LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!


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  1. You left a door unlocked in Thunder Bay? If that’s not asking for trouble, I don’t know what is. Get your head out of the sand about where you live. Too bad about the vegetarians coat, guess she’s going to need trauma counseling for that meat incident.

  2. Sad thing is if you would have had a gun and shot this prick YOU would have been charged. It is time the laws were changed. Someone breaks into your or anyone else’s house risks the chance of ending up dead. Might get them to think twice or else the number of scum bags like this decreases by one. There is a town in Texas where there is a law requiring every household to have a gun. Home invasion is a very rare occurrence. Don’t any of you bleeding hearts bother with excuses for these people. Don’t blame drug use because I really don’t give a damn. The results of this woman’s situation could have been so much worse in so many ways..

    1. I fully agree with Bailey. And these people just seem to be getting a slap on the wrist after the police work so hard to get them, and here they are, back on the street.

  3. My friends hubby was a cop over 30 years ago and she told us that he told her she was to keep the doors locked at ALL times even when they were home during the day because of all the brutal shit that was taking place back then. He said if people really knew what was taking place here they would have thirty locks on every window and door and be armed with guns to protect themselves. That was 30 years ago!!!! Imagine what is taking place today.. Except for Pinos hard work here, you dont even hear a quarter of what is going on. An alarm system is ok but it doesnt do much while you are waiting and waiting and waiting your turn for the cops to finally arrive. They are so busy, stretched to the max and simply can not be everywhere at once. You better have an effective plan to protect yourself and your family from any assholes while you are waiting for the cops or you will be shafted.

    1. One good reason why we live in the countryside.. much too far for zombies to walk.
      We still lock our doors, have a large dog as primary deterrent, and a backup “plan”.. nuf said on that one.. 🙂

  4. Obviously the author lives in La-la land to be so foolish to leave her home open to intruders.

    Where the f*ck do you think you are living? You new to Dumpster Bay? SMH…..

    Buy a baseball bat and learn to use it. No second thoughts. See the prick and start swinging at his head with everything you got. Don’t stop till the bastard’s on the floor.

  5. Wow, definitely foolish to leave a door unlocked day or night in this town. This woman is indeed fortunate that the intruder wasn’t a rapist or child molester. Lesson learned with not a terribly bad ending but a swifter stick is not match for a knife or a gun. You are one lucky lady.

    1. madtrapper LMOA at your comment but the truth is what moron leaves a door unlocked at ANY time in this festering snake pit of a town. With all the junkies on the prowl at ANY given time, looking for a quick score to get their next fix, people with more than two working brain cells do not leave their doors unlocked here. Period. The reader was lucky the dogs alerted them that something was amiss and even luckier this asshole was not armed and was easily put the run on. I agree some baseballs with some spikes in them are the best you can hope for to defend yourself. Wish we were like Alaska and could have any type of gun we wanted to protect ourselves. One my guides up there carries a 44 magnum cause she lives off the grid, there are very few cops available and she has to protect herself from the animals, even 2 legged ones.

    2. Iamdone:

      Hope she has a strong grip. From my experience shooting a Ruger 44 mag revolver, it has one hell of a recoil if shooting mag loads. 44 specials are nothing compared to a magnum load for recoil.

  6. Rex, They dont call it the last frontier for nothing. You do need to be both smart and tough to survive there if you live off the grid without the cushy ammenties we are accustomed to here. No indoor plumbing, or electricity. The moose up there are much much larger than here and some of the those brown bears especially near Sitka have some polar bear gene in them and they are huge. The claws on them are almost twice as long as a blackbears here. Check out Fortress of the Bear Sitka Alaska. It is a refuge place for abandonned bears there. She said your chances of getting attacked by a moose are actually greater than a bear there. It is interesting to know, It is the law there that if you see someone in winter whose vehicle has broken down, you are legally required to stop and provide assistance. You cant just whistle by and leave them as there are not enough cops or other resources on the highways to help.

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