High on Cocaine, Boots Woman in the Head, Busts Face


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On April 2nd, 2019, a woman was seriously injured which resulted in damage to her face including at least one tooth being knocked out.

Matthew Loubier appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom today and plead guilty to assault causing bodily harm and breaching his bail conditions. The agreed statement of facts read out by Crown Attorney Andrew Sadler stated:


Loubier walked his female indigenous victim out of his house after an argument had occurred. She rang the bell trying to get back in and he let her back in. He was high on cocaine. Another verbal dispute happened and he ended up punching her in the face and the back of the head two or three times. She was attempting to gather her belongings and as she was kneeling down, Loubier kicked her in the face. The victim lost consciousness and upon waking up, took a taxi to the hospital. Her face was swollen, she had a bruised eye, bloody nose, missing tooth and a fracture to her sinus cavity. Court also hears that Loubier failed to report to the John Howard bail supervision program between August 28th and September 11th, resulting in a breach of his bail plan.

Justice Dino DiGiuseppe hears the statement of facts and asks Loubier’s criminal defence lawyer, David Bruzzese if the facts are agreed. They are. Bruzzese adds that both the victim and accused have substance abuse issues. Further, court hears that Loubier had taken this woman into his home as she was living at the Shelter House. She had been living there for quite a while and had returned home in an intoxicated state which escalated into an argument.

A joint submission is put forth by both the Crown and defence that would have Loubier serve 12 months in total for his crime. He has been at the Thunder Bay District Jail for 112 days which is enhanced to 168 days due to the conditions at the jail. He has 197 days left to serve behind bars before he is released. He’s likely to be out in time for some St Patrick’s day festivities. After his sentence, he has 18 months of probation to complete with all the standard conditions plus:

  • Keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
  • Report to probation as required.
  • Not to contact his victim.
  • Not to be within 25 meters of anywhere the victim lives, works, goes to school or otherwise is.
  • Attend counseling for domestic violence and substance abuse.

Loubier dodged having to pay the victim fine surcharge as court hears he is a recipient of ODSP.



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  1. Slimy gutless, lowlife punk should get his head kicked in. Hopefully, someone in the slam will give him some “tough love”.

  2. Time the government takes away all welfare from anyone with a conviction. These parasites abuse the system and waste precious resources that could be used to help decent people instead of maintaing an unlimited amount of trash Instead of subsidizing the trash, them let them fend for themselves.

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