HELP – House Broken Into, Numerous Items Stolen


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A REAL Concerned Citizen has reported that their home has fallen victim to the rolling crime wave that rampant drug addiction has grown in our beloved city. This incident took place in County Park.
Samantha Thomas says that anyone who notices these items for sale or perhaps suddenly pop up in their home, to please contact police so that the source of those items may be investigated.

  • 58″ Samsung Smart TV
  • 42″ LG Smart TV
  • PS4 with 2 controllers, 1 blue and 1 black.
  • PS4 Sony Headset.
  • 15 PS4 Games, including all “Call of Duty”, Red Dead Redemption 2, All GTA’s and NHL 16.
  • Apple Watch Series 3.
  • 4 Pairs of Oakley Sunglasses.
  • Canon Camera

It is a safe estimate that 90% of crimes that are committed have alcohol or drug addiction as a factor in the offense. Theft and robbery charges almost always have these elements included. Thunder Bay needs better rehabilitative programs that are quickly accessible to help start turning around our addicted population.

Pictured is a broken window from the incident.

Below is Samantha’s submission she made.


“My home was broken into. Can everyone keep an eye out for the following items: 58” Samsung smart tv, 42” LG smart tv, ps4 with 2 controllers 1 blue 1 black, ps4 headset made by Sony, approximately 15 games: all the call of duty’s, red dead redemption 2, all the GTA’s, nhl 16. If you know anyone who all of a sudden has these items, please report them to the police. They may be a friend but they completely violated my home and took away the one place my family feels safe and they deserve to be handled by the law for their actions.”


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  1. Sounds like a great idea!
    ‘Had my truck ransacked and thieves made off with my golf clubs. Ben Hogan golf bag orange and black in colour with built in stand; R-11 driver; 1i driving iron, 3 & 4 hybrid Taylor Made; Calloway irons and an Oddesey putter with a red grip. Stolen on Labour Day weekend’. If you have knowledge or have received these clubs, you’re no better than the crack-heads that stole them.

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