Hand Sanitizer Takes Down Three South Core Citizens


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – In a tip sent into our news room, we have received information about a south side incident which is unfolding at this moment.
The back alley between May Street South and Brodie Street South, closer to Donald Street East currently contains three people that are passed out and intoxicated off hand sanitizer.
Empty bottles of hand sanitizer were witnessed in the area along with the unmistakable smell of germ free hands.
Substance abuse is an ongoing issue that plagues the city and across the nation. When people are short on money, they will opt in to get some hand sanitizer.
The triplets will likely be hauled off to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (A.K.A. “The Hilton”), where they will be monitored by medical staff to ensure they recover properly. I’ve spoken to numerous Thunder Bay Police Service officers and most of them feel defeated regarding the public intoxication that is rampant in our city. It’s been explained to me that being drunk in public only amounts to a fine and that most of the people on the streets drinking just rip up the fine and carry on with what they are doing. The fine doesn’t matter or change their behaviour. Unless the person is on bail conditions not to be drinking out in public, they will find somewhere to house them for the night, such as Grace Place or the Shelter House.
The Thunder Bay Counselling Centre has options and programs for you to obtain sobriety. Reach out to them at 807-684-1880 and get started today.


3 Replies to “Hand Sanitizer Takes Down Three South Core Citizens”

  1. Can’t help but agree with the cops regarding trying to manage public intoxication and misconduct. Dumpster Bay has become the toilet bowl of the north.
    Our super easy to get and easier to sustain welfare draws the lowlife from across Canada like flies to sh!t. The worst of the worst come here because it’s easy to live their disgusting life style on the backs of tax paying citizens and confident in the knowledge that our strained/weak justice system won’t do anything of substance to them.
    If our gutless DSSAB had the courage to conduct due diligence in their jobs, they’d weed out these scammers and cut them off. But that would lighten up their case loads and compromise their job security.
    It’s a vicious cycle that upper authorities and politicians are too afraid to interrupt. To make matters worse, drug dealers from all over come here to reap the welfare subsidized harvest knowing there’s safety in numbers. The more drug dealers there are, the less likely they’re to be caught.
    This city is in a world or trouble.

    1. Boy , if you want to see drug dealers just go watch the Shoreline(Midtown)Hotel . There’s a steady stream of Somali dealers at any time of the day coming and going peddling the poison to the scumbags .

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