(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A strong police presence is being felt on the south side of town right now.


Alexandra Street was swarming with Thunder Bay Police Service’s cruisers and Emergency Task Unit officers.

Witnesses on the scene tell TRCCTB.COM that 3 suspects had fled their vehicle when police arrived. Police are combing the area.

“…car came screaming down the street off Southern Avenue down Alexandra. Stopped on the side of the street in the 1000 block area and 3 people left the vehicle – a male and 2 females – the male screaming “Get out!! Get out!! RUN!! RUN!!” They took off across the street, where my neighbour witnessed them running into a house. Speculating that they did not actually run in the house or they quickly vacated as police were there instantly. 3 cop cars and about 6-7 officers.” From an anonymous source.

People had seen guns and knives being removed from the vehicle that was abandoned.


Alexandra Street is just east of the CLE grounds.

The investigation is continuing, and we will update you as more information becomes available.

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