GOFUNDME: 11-year-old Boy Killed by Mother.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The family of slain 11-year-old Kailym are in deep shock and grief.

On January 1st, 2020 at around 7:00 am police responded to the boys grandfathers home where e was murdered.


The grandfather attempted to fight off the now arrested Courtney Marie Labelle, but was unable to stop her from critically injuring her own son.

We have not heard whether drugs were a factor in the incident that took the life of the child, but it is highly suspected by people close to the family. Only Courtney is suspected of having drugs involved.

Below is the write up made on the GoFundMe setup by the family.


“On the morning of January 1st 2020, Kailym only 11 years old was killed by his own mother.  The family is in deep shock and grief.   His Father Kevin Moore, and his grandmother are so devastated.  With the life of her son, Courtney Marie Labelle took the breath away from an entire community.  This tragic loss comes at a time where we cannot afford a proper burial and if possible would like to pay for the travel costs of some family to be able to say their condolences.  So I am creating this go fund me account for my dear cousin Kevin and aunt Sylvia while they mourns the death of his son/her grandson and our little Kailym .

-miigwetch/thank you

The Moore/fichr Family”

A family member has reached out to us and indicated that the GoFundMe that was setup may be fraudulent. We have removed the link out of an abundance of caution.


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  1. I am so sorry for this family’s loss…This is a easy one..save the cost of a trial…BULLET TO THE HEAD!!!! PROBLEM SOLVED..Anyone who disagrees is a snowflake…

  2. This news literally broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. A mother is supposed to protect their child!!! She deserves to suffer the rest of her life. Disgusting excuse for a human!!!

  3. Condolences to the family of this horrific crime. The monster who did this should be put in jail for a very long time but probably will get only a kind lecture and minimal jail time. It is one thing for junkies to take out their own trash but to murder an innocent kid defies any stretch of the imagination. Even mother animals do not take out their own young. The blame is equally divided to the monster of this crime and the policticians who have their heads up their arses and are just as culpable because they know damn well what is happening with the drug crisis in this country and yet they just sit idly and await their pensions. What will it take to get the politicians to start to act instead of just reduntantly stating we have a drug crisis in this country. It is way overdue that those cushy government positions pulled the rosy shades off and started to earn their retirement package. .

    1. Due to the “demographic” of the murderer, it’s politically incorrect to assess appropriate responsibility for their actions.

      Why do you think that 90% of the crime carried out in Dumpster Bay is committed by this 10% demographic? Could it possibly be the result of a dual justice system that favours this segment of society by way of of Gladue reports which substantially mitigates punishment for their crimes? Possibly????

      This segment of society needs to be held accountable for their actions just like the rest of us. Enough Gladue. Do the crime do the time.

  4. So tragic for the family and unfortunately IF convicted of anything she will be out in a couple years. Killing is killing. Murder is murder. In the USA you kill and there is no slap on the wrist start throwing the book at these people and possibly it will reduce the numbers of these cases

  5. Removed link due to abundance of caution? Could you perhaps give clearer definition on what that means? Is the creator of the GoFundMe account acting with malicious intent? If you suspect fraud, Pino, perhaps you should let the police know before more innocent people suffer?

    1. So agree Bill.
      The death penalty should always be a choice for heinous crimes- the liberal minded dont want it.
      Not even any new prisons….just bail and revolving doors with “special” considerations and protections along with excuses for “special/entitled” users and abusers.
      Good luck to the young Canadians- you will never have the country and life that was

  6. Staff at the TBRHSC had to deal with the poor young man who was brutally attacked by his F’ed up mother and died AND THEN THEY HAD TO DEAL WITH THE MOTHER CAUSE SHE HAD A HEADACHE!

    Staff were so distraught over this situation some left in tears.

    The dead penalty is too good for people like this so called mother

  7. I am sorry for the mother at this time also because I cannot believe that a mother would kill her own child unless she was mentally ill. Before anyone makes comments about drug abusers, death penalty, bullets to the head etc. would it not it be wise to withhold comment until the facts are known. I am so sad about this having a grandson the same age. I cannot imagine the depth of the grief this family is dealing with.

  8. This is a sad way to start a new year without looking at some positive change . Dont let this little helpless boy die in vain and be forgoten without changes made to our system. Indigenous power screams racism and require special status and favor when attending court proceedings yet they have no viable solution to dealing with their own. Colonialism was working quite fine a few years ago. This sick Mother would have gotten 20 -25 dark years taken herself. We r all sliding in to the abyss together . Its a shit slide and most good people cant get involved or say anything without being a target.. Time to start standing together and making some positive changes. Money obtained in crime should be refunneled to informants leading to more tips and busts. Lawyers and lenient Judges `should be held accountable as well`, How many times do they get to make the wrong decision and still have a job. In the judicial system you can be as guilty as the perp who pul;led the trigger and still eat sushi every nite with who you wish. So who is more guilty! We are all guilty if we dont try and come up with alternative solutions to the problems facing our drug fueled society today. If you are caught selling fentanyl , it should be death, its a first degree. If you are convicted in a armed robbery or any `crime involving the use of a illegal gun obtained by crime it should be first degree and also death““

  9. Why send all aboriginals for EXTRA autopsies? Thunder Bay can do it here? He was stab..but I have my theories. That the Thunder Bay needs for science DNA they are collecting DNA “illegally”, harvesting Aboriginal inerds. I noticed that all the time, aboriginals dont even know this.

    1. Pardon???

      Your theory is that the out of town autopsy is for unauthorized harvesting of organs/body parts?

      Put down the crack pipe!

    2. Organ “harvesting” is not something that happens in Canada. A person, who is deemed suitable for organ donation, must be alive prior to the donation because organs must be oxygenated before removal and must be transplanted in a short span of time. Often, victims of crime are left for hours in the state they fell to accommodate the police investigation and their organs / tissues would die before any autopsy conducted by the Coroner. Organ donation is a very complicated process and if they were doing “harvesting” it would be widely known in the public that that is happening, considering that transplant teams, hospitals, and recipients / and their families would be informed of the donation not to mention the victim / and their families. You couldn’t ever just take someone’s organs / tissues without SOMEBODY knowing it is happening.

    3. I think Toronto is the place for autopsy.
      But if you suspect that “white man” is stealing organs, then you need to write/call the hospital/centre in Toronto to voice your concerns.

      Such a shame, the loss of this young man. He may have become a doctor himself one day.
      The only thing that would explain this bizarre violent behavior is mental incapacity due to hard drugs. Hopefully his legacy will be a more open discussion of the problem in our area.

    4. Niinigoshshig, I agree. You definitely need to put that crack pipe away . Organs from deceased people have a sensitive time frame that they can be harvested and used . I dont know for certain, but I would imagine organs from any persons with any damages from substance abuse or diseases like hepatitis would not be a good match. So kick your phoney conspiracy theory to the curb. As for the little boy who was murdered, I feel much sympathy for him and his family, but not the one who did this unspeakable crime.

    5. “harvesting Aboriginal inerds”

      That’s laughable to say the least.

      Any aboriginal going to Toronto for an autopsy would likely have very high mileage on their internal organs. I doubt there’s much of a market for blown livers, kidneys etc.

  10. The fundraiser is absolutely not a fraudulent one. It was set up after discussion with the immediate family of the young child. Family members trying to help the family is what it is.!! They are grieving, in shock and they do not need to think of how they can let this young man rest in peace. The so called family member that complained is obviously not aware of how this was set up. This is a tragic incident, please be kind and not make negative comments about the plight of this tragic situation. We are all human and pray for the soul of the child to rest in peace.

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