Gas Theft, Police Chase and a Gun (UZI)


(TERRACE BAY, ON) – Yesterday, officers with the Ontario Provincial Police investigated a gas theft at the Shell station in Terrace Bay. A white Volkswagen Tiguan is alleged to have gassed up and left the scene without paying.

Police caught up with the vehicle and engaged in a chase. The suspect managed to flee from police and the vehicle was later located upside in a ditch. Further, police located a loaded firearm known as a “UZI”.


Police put out a public advisory warning residents not to pick up any hitchhikers as they believed the two suspects at the centre of the gas theft and police chase to be a public safety concern. Officers later located and arrested a male and a female.

Travis Shane Stout of Alberta and a 29-year-old woman named Chelsea Denis-Reed, also of Alberta were arrested, charged and held in police custody at the Nipigon OPP detachment pending a court appearance. They appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom via telephone call this morning. Justice of the Peace Bernard Caron was presiding along with Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP!” VanKessel and duty counsel worker Maryiln Tompson.

Stout is facing the following criminal charges:


  • Theft under $5000 (gas from Terrace Bay Shell).
  • Fail to stop while being pursued by police.
  • Operate a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public.
  • Operate a motor vehicle while prohibited.
  • Breaching bail condition (not to operate a motor vehicle without registered owner present).
  • Possess prohibited firearm with ammo capable of being discharged (UZI).
  • Occupant of a vehicle knowing a prohibited weapon was present.
  • Possession of a firearm while prohibited.
  • Possession of someone else’s identity documents.

Reed was charged with:

  • Theft under $5000 (gas from Terrace Bay Shell).
  • Breaching recognizance (not to be outside the province of Alberta).
  • Possession of a gun with ammo capable of being discharged (UZI).
  • Occupant of a vehicle knowing a prohibited weapon present.
  • Possession of someone else’s identity documents.

Reed has an outstanding charge out of Edmonton, Alberta regarding forged documents. Both suspects were sent to jail and will reappear in court later this week for another swing at bail.


4 Replies to “Gas Theft, Police Chase and a Gun (UZI)”

  1. It amazes me how many people think they can gas and dash along our northern Ontario highways. There is literally nowhere to hide. Ain’t no getting out of Dodge around here.

    1. And the funniest part is that a person could probably just give management and excuse of why they can’t pay for the gas ( must’ve dropped their bank card at last pit stop) and they would probably be on their way without the police tailing. Idiots!!!

  2. Kudos to the OPP for apprehending these rats. They got the Uzi but I can’t help but wonder if these two stashed something of value somewhere prior to being arrested? I.e. a few pounds of coke or other substances?

    It’s pretty much apparent that we have a huge criminal element in this country that have absolutely no respect for law and order. Completely understandable if the “law” in Alberta and other provinces is as limp dicked and feeble as the justice being dealt out in Ontario and in particular, Dumpster Bay.

    It seems that we may have to achieve a state of complete anarchy for our “judicial” system to get the f_____g message. By then, it’s likely vigilantism will be in full swing.

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