Gangster Gets Stabbed at the Midtown


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The notorious north side building known as the Midtown Inn has attracted yet another serious police presence.

Sources indicate that a drug dealing gangster from southern Ontario was stabbed during an altercation with an opposing gang from southern Ontario. During the incident, another drug dealer got hit with a pipe and a local man was stabbed as well. The local man was hauled off in an ambulance while the gangsters hid in hotel rooms and patched themselves up.


At least a portion of the incident unfolded right in the front lobby.

Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service swarmed the building and have it on lock down at the moment.

Building manager Kenneth Aylott, who posted on our forum recently, was not immediately available for comment.


This story will be updated soon.


10 Replies to “Gangster Gets Stabbed at the Midtown”

  1. that is the old shoreline ,a well know drug place .the city needs to smarten up and start tearing some of these dumps down ,it is not safe to even walk in that area as you may be robbed or stabbed, so many bums trying to get money for there drugs and booze.My god this city is getting so dam bad…..the police do there part but the lawyers and judges just let these people walk… the court system needs a overhaul badly.

  2. Fuck em and fuck anyone that looks like Them.
    Let them kill each other in the streets.
    It’s probable that the world will be a better place without them anyway.
    Not like they were doing anything With their lives.

  3. Isn’t there such a thing as a police state temporarily to get rid of these scum gangs from out of town? This city is disgusting and it is only going to get worse. I never watch the news anymore, what is the point, I might as well watch Dr. pimple popper.

    1. The term is “martial law” when certain civil liberties are suspended, the military is brought in to assist police under exceptional circumstances.

      Things like search warrants are waived making it easier for the law to kick down doors and kick in teeth of drug dealing scumbag criminals. Dumpster Bay is long overdue.

  4. Hey Bill Mauro , how’s the “Entertainment District” working out for us . Can’t wait for the cruise ship to make it’s first and last trip to your city .

    1. Maybe it will be good the people on the cruise ship witness all the trash in this city and they can post it for others to see. Then there will not be a media blackout imposed. The guests will get the real deal and not some sugarcoated BS promo. Imagine getting off a cruise ship and the first thing you see is some filthy bum staggering and going for a piss right on the sidewalk. And then as you move along another one comes up mooching for money to buy drugs. Then you see a jacked up zombie racing down the waterfront all over the road. The you get a free show watching some crackhead flailing in front of you. And if that is not enough, for the final icing on the cake you could be unfortunate enough see a couple of totally wasted bums humping on the grass. Wont surprise me one bit if the first cruise ship to visit here is the last one. .

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