Gang Members Headed to Thunder Bay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Whether you want to admit it or not, child tax and other social assistance payouts mark an uptick in not only crime, but in foot traffic to drug dealers trap houses.

Child tax payments have already been mailed out but posted-dated to March 20th. This is easily worked around with cash-advance stores such as Money Mart or Cash 4 You. They will take the cash now and deposit it on the 20th.


During these social assistance payout periods, southern Ontario gangs have a proven history of bringing up more men to handle the increased traffic.

Although naturally, they are pretty decent at self-isolation as they hang out at the trap all day and rarely go out in public, they are not practising social-distancing as they allow anyone and everyone into their trap house.

With the sudden influx of additional gang members to work the weekends’ child tax spending, it will be interesting if one of the gang members brings a bug with them that spreads through the community.


Be smart, wear a mask and wash your hands upon arrival and after leaving your local trap house.


4 Replies to “Gang Members Headed to Thunder Bay”

  1. Lmao fucking gang bangers. I wonder how they would fair fighting someone 1 on 1 with no knives or guns. Nothing but hands elbows knees and feet

  2. They always bring diseases and have for a long time. They have brought almost every disease there is from the south. They spread std’s like they do their drugs. They beat and kill addicts with no repercussions. They are the second biggest pieces of shit. Sex offenders are #1 all day long.

  3. These guys are vagrants, who take over weak people’s homes and hold them hostage. They prey on sick people who are suffering from the disease of drug addiction. That should be declared illegal and these murderers should be run out of city.. We have enough to deal with, without their evil activity happening here..

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