FRAUD: Former Fort Severn Band Manager Charged


(FORT SEVERN, ON) – On July 12, 2019, Nishnawbe Aski Police Service members from the Fort Severn Detachment conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle.

The initial traffic stop investigation led police into a detailed investigation and as of October 23, 2019, a former band manager now faces several fraud charges.


The investigation directed police to a number of separate incidents that occurred over a number of years supporting fraudulent activity which amounted between twenty-five thousand and two hundred fifty thousand ($25,000.00 and $250,000.00) dollars.

A 51 year-old male from Fort Severn First Nation was charged with two counts of Fraud Over $5000 and one count of Breach of Trust. The male has been released on conditions and will next appear in court on February 10, 2020, in Fort Severn First Nation. The male cannot be named at this time due to the processing of court documents.

Fort Severn First Nation is approximately 850 km north of Thunder Bay and 715 km northeast of Red Lake.


Police did not name the former band manager. Anyone with that information is asked to contact us immediately via text at 807-355-8917 or via email

Source: NAPS


9 Replies to “FRAUD: Former Fort Severn Band Manager Charged”

  1. Robbing there own people blind , I bet it happens all the time . Screw the band members and blame the government………
    Send him back to Fort Severn and let his people he swindled take care of him ……..

  2. Prolly had a good time and wasted the cash and it will never be traced. Besides nothing will happen to him anyways. . The judges wont even blink when he gets to court. Its crooks like this that affirm the government should be managing all the money and keep the cash out of the natives hands. .That is the only way you would see better living conditions on reserves.

  3. I’m sure alot more band managers and chiefs would be caught if there was a huge investigation. Blame the white guy as usual when it’s the brown guy screwin the brown guy

  4. As long as there is no accountability for the cash being given to the reserves, there will always be opportunities for crooked chiefs/band member to embezzle or steal funds.

    Not that long ago, the PC federal govt put measures in place to make reserves accountable for the spending of govt funds given to reserves. Shit for brains Trudope cancelled that requirement thus opening up the reserves to more financial fraud and abuse.

  5. Still need a name to be published and shamed publicly for defrauding their community. . Oh maybe blame this on gladue effect also instead of calling the person a down right thief

  6. Unfortunately this happens on 90% of the Rez’s that are supported by the govt. one day they will get caught. I could tell you stories for days.

    1. Everyone already know the facts about what is taking place on many of those reserves. The neoptism, corruption and fraud that is occurring more often than not, is the real reason why the reserves are in such a shitty state. And there is no accountability thanks to selfie boy. Clearly not the taxpayers fault. It is not because the bands dont get enough funding. They dont get enough funding to appease those greedy wasteful leaders and it is the poor people who live on the reserve that are forced to live in squalor and can not speak out because they have family there and they dont want to be banished. Why are there reserves where the money is much better managed and equally distributed. They dont have issues of filthy squalor for living conditions and no running water. But you sure wont see a story on the news about that. No no only sensationalism about the pity party is reduntantly shown. Many reserves are just more cases of profitting off the misery of others. who happen to be their own people and then blame it on the rest of society. The the guys at the top get richer and the guy on the bottom gets poorer. AKA same shit different day. .

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