Foot Chase Lands Man Behind Bars, Alleged Car Hopper


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday around 9:00 am officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were on patrol near Ambrose and Cumberland when they spotted a man with an active warrant for his arrest, Wanted Wednesday star, 30-year-old Jeffrey Ryan Wensley.

Allegations are that when a TBPS officer exited their cruiser and informed Wensley that he was under arrest, he fled the scene and a foot chase was in progress for the purpose of bringing Wensley into police custody. During the chase, Wensley hid in a backyard in the 200 block of Ambrose Street and was spotted by officers crouched on the back deck. When they tried to make the arrest, Wensley was actively resisting by pulling away and refusing to put his hands behind his back. Wensley was successfully arrested and transported to the TBPS station on Balmoral Street where he was held for court this morning.

Warrants for the arrest of Wensley were issued surrounding two car-hopping incidents, one in August and one in September, both of this year. Allegations are that Wensley had stolen credit cards that were taken from people’s vehicles over night. In September, Wensley was caught on surveillance camera in a Tim Horton’s making purchases with a stolen Canadian Tire Mastercard. The August incident was a stolen Scotiabank Visa card that was used to make purchases.

This isn’t his first time. Read the history provided at the end of this article.

He appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning via video link while in police custody at the TBPS Balmoral Street station. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon was presiding along with Crown Attorney Manon Arbour and duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy. His list of charges are:

  • Resisting police arrest.
  • Fraud under $5000 x2.
  • Breaching probation order made on June 25th, 2019 (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).
  • Possession of a stolen credit card x2.

The Crown consents to the release of Wensley this morning on a no-surety undertaking bail plan. Release conditions proposed are:

  • Reside in the 200 block of River Street.
  • Notify police of any change in address within 24 hours.
  • No weapons.

Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons claims she doesn’t see the nexus between the offences and the need for a “no weapons” condition. The Crown claims the nexus is the force and violence used during the arrest of Wensley. After some discussions, the JP strikes down the “no weapons” conditions and orders the release of Wensley back into the public.

He is scheduled to re-appear back in court in early 2020.


via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition dated march 28th, 2019


A 29 year old JEFFREY RYAN WENSLEY was arrested after trying to outrun Officer Mark Cattani.


Out of all officers at the Thunder Bay Police service, JEFFREY RYAN WENSLEY picked the wrong cop to try outrun yesterday, Wednesday March 27,2019.

Because, even with an extra 30lbs of gear on, 99.9% of criminals just aren’t going to outrun Mark Cattani. That’s a fact. He’s just that quick.

Officer Cattani made the arrest of WENSLEY yesterday after a very brief foot pursuit.

WENSLEY was allegedly in possession of 3 stolen credit cards. He’s also facing 3 additional charges related related to the alleged use and trafficking of stolen credit cards.

Plus he gets the bonus charge of resisting police by fleeing.

WENSLEY faces 2 outstanding charges of probation breach from 2017.

And 2 additional allegations of theft from Canadian Tire on February 15,2017 and George’s Market on November 9,2018.

Another great job by Thunder Bay Police Officer Mark Cattani.

As per usual practice, the Director of Communications at TBPS appears to have no interest in highlighting the hard work being done by front line officers.



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  1. If there ever was a poster boy for worthless, lowlife white trash, this prick would qualify. What a disgusting loser. He’s not going to enjoy his time in the slam. No Gladue for you!

    Hats off to the cops for hauling this turd off of the streets.

  2. Dude looks like a real crack head. He wasn’t “Silver Spoon Fed”, he been smokin rock off his momma’s silver spoons. Shaking my damn head here. NEXT

  3. I’d like to see what his boot imprints are like. Somebody tried my truck early yesterday morning. Back in the day, the put a noose around your neck for trying to steal a man’s horse. I’m just looking to break a few fingers…like 10 of them! This guy used to always pedal his bike through my area. He hangs around with a tall skinny old guy. Wonder if this guy took my gulf clubs and left his crack pipe around my truck?

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