Flailing While Driving, High On Fentanyl, Cocaine, Benzo & More


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On Thursday, October 17th, 2019 around 10:15 am officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) responded to a call of a female driver acting erratically. Two separate and distinct 911 calls were made regarding the same female.

The first complainant told the 911 operator that a female was doing drugs in her vehicle and flailing around in a Dodge pick-up truck. This first call explained that the incident happened at the Circle K at Balsam and River. A second 911 call was made and reported the same situation but this time it was outside Lovely Body, located at 264 Red River Road where the vehicle was parked outside a business.


Around 10:40 am a TBPS officer was driving southbound on Algoma Street approaching Pearl Street when he noticed the same vehicle that was described earlier with the woman flailing inside it. He observed a lone occupant in the vehicle which was a female and she was in the northbound lane of Algoma Street at a red light at the intersection with Pearl Street. The officer observed the woman’s upper body moving left and right while her arms were flailing up into the air while the woman was stopped at a red light. The light went green and the woman took off down the road.

The Dodge pick-up truck was witnessed swerving between the lines of the road while the driver was jerking left and right. Police noticed the woman stopped at Dawson Street and then took off again. The officer pulled up behind the vehicle and that’s when the vehicle slowed down its speed to roughly 35 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. The vehicle then stopped at Peter Street and remained stationary for about 15 seconds before taking off again. That is when police conducted a traffic stop.

Once the officer approached the window he noticed the woman’s body was still jerking around, including her leg. The woman identified herself. Police questioned the woman about drug use and the woman told police that she had not used drugs but was on her way to get her methadone. Police placed the woman under arrest for impaired operation of a conveyance by drug and she was requested to exit the vehicle. She complied and was placed in the back of the police cruiser.


A search of the vehicle yielded numerous needles, some that were used and had some blood in them. She was transported to the Thunder Bay Police Service headquarters at 1200 Balmoral Street where a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) arrived and spoke with the woman. The woman spoke to her lawyer and was transported to the hospital for a blood sample to check what drugs were in her system.

The results from that test indicated that she had fentanyl, methadone, cocaine, benzo and traces of a drug called “Trazadone”.

25-year-old Tamara Gauvreau was later released from police custody with a future court date. Today, in courtroom 102, Gauvreau plead guilty to the charge of impaired operation. Justice Frank Valente was presiding over plea court today along with Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP!” VanKessel and criminal defence lawyer Scarfe.

Court hears that Gauvreau is not employed and on Ontario Works (welfare). Through counsel, she claims she is seeking treatment.

The Judge tells Gauvreau that it would have been very easy for a member of the motoring public or pedestrian public to have been seriously hurt had she not have been stopped by police.

A joint submission is put forth from both the Crown and defence for the minimum sentence possible for the impaired operation charge which is a $1000 fine and a 1-year driving prohibition. The victim fine surcharge is waived as the court finds that it would put an “undue financial strain” on Gauvreau since she doesn’t work.



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  1. I wonder if she’s single ? I’m looking for a flailing woman to keep the mosquitoes off me while I’m camping in the bush .

    1. Great idea until she starts flailing with a hatchet and Bowie knife.

      With a f*cking crackpot like that around, you’d better sleep with both eyes open and a loaded heater in your hand.

  2. Typical welfare scamming lowlife drugger. Not worth her weight in shit.

    On welfare yet can afford drugs and a vehicle? Seems being on the dole pays pretty good.

    Our hard working taxpayer’s dollars keeping this disgusting skank alive. What a waste.

    1. Cause she’s twenty five going on four. An immature crackhead imbecile.

      See lots of that infantile tongue dangling bullshit on FB.

  3. “undue financial strain” my ass!! If you’re living off of the government while maintaining a drug addiction you should have no problems paying a fine?! What a joke. The only “undue financial strain” here is when this girl ripped me off almost $700, I’m sure she’d have no problems ripping off someone else to pay her dues… SAD.

    1. Disgusting! On welfare but can afford drugs……..doesn’t have to pay a fine? That’s bullshit! They wonder why we have such a drug problem in this city.

  4. She used to work at metro on river st. Numerous times she’d be caught doing drugs in her car in the parking lot. Rumour was she went to school to be a social worker. What a fucking joke.

  5. All around horrible person, messed up a lot of lives in her short time. Deserves every punishment she is given.

  6. FTA “The victim fine surcharge is waived as the court finds that it would put an “undue financial strain” on Gauvreau since she doesn’t work.” **No, but the rest of us have to work to support this trash. Take it out of her welfare cheque, she has money for drugs after all. **

  7. If you played a game of never have I ever with a group of all the people Tamara knows and someone said “never have I ever got shot up by Tamara” the whole room would be drunk in a half hour. In between stealing and reselling CLE tickets from metro and robbing the lost and found, Tamara enjoys getting her friends hooked on drugs so she can use them to help support her own habit. Sneaking out of her moms house in the middle of the night, picking up drugs between running to the rez for her mom, it’s about time her mom got to see what her daughter is all about. I used to home she would get clean because she was a good friend, clearly that part of her is none existent, guess the trash has a funny way of taking itself out.

  8. Hahaha. No surprise. Good to see her get recognized for who she really is – a manipulative, self-centred terrible person. Can’t believe they let her off this easy while the rest of us are paying for her fixes. She should be locked in a cage to keep the world safe from this joke. A lot of people have fallen victim to her ways unfortunately and she should be made known for who she really is.

  9. That’s such bullshit. I got caught driving with a suspended lisence…why? Because I just gave birth and couldn’t walk to the bloody store and I PAID MY 3000.00 FINE IN FULL!!!!! single mom on flippn OW what fucking garbage

  10. There are many more like it that drive around this town totally wasted that are not caught. Just a matter of time before some innocent person/ persons are killed by these selfish useless oxygen wasting creatures. The penalty for impaired driving in this country is totally disgusting and useless. . There needs to be some real deterrents like automatic jail time and bigger fines that increase severely for each conviction. Most of the convicted drunk drivers continue to drive without a license or insurance anyways so that will not prevent them from getting behind the wheel all jacked up again and potentially killing someone. Jail time is the only way to prevent them from getting back in the saddle. for awhile.

  11. I think all people on OW or ODSP that test positive for drugs should be cut off the system . I mean all illegal drugs.. and forced into a 3 year indoor treatment facility.

    1. Agree 100%! What an honour it is to work 50+ hours a week so I can let this scum live off the system and drive around in her moms truck all jacked up!!!

  12. WOW!!!! To think she could’ve killed an innocent child, their mother, father, or anybody. What a selfish and ill person. I’m sure she’ll cry and play victim!!! That punishment is an absolute joke. Thanks for enabling these junkies! What a bad person….my neighbour knows a lot about her…has led a LOT of nice people down a dark path in life!!! Time to check yourself in and let the rest of the world prosper

  13. Not one day of jail released from balmoral before she could hit the jail
    Give her some time let her see what’s it’s like in there
    And I agree Ontario works should have drug testing monthly to get your cheque
    Plus OW and driving a ford truck must be nice

  14. I ‘m 58 and have to work 40 hours a week to pay my bills. NEVER in my life any institution/utility/govermment office had any problem demanding due sums in full from me. This drove me into debt, which I am trying to contain by working harder. And this Judge’s heart bleeds putting this piece of work under “financial stress”??? What a joke!!

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