Evacuee Charged After Woman Beaten at Hotel


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday, hardworking officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service responded to a call for service at the Victoria Inn regarding a woman that was beaten.

Allegations are that the woman was punched several times in the face resulting in some cuts to her lip, a bleeding nose and scraps to her knee. Police conducted and investigation and as a result a 29-year-old Dean Skye Fiddler, an evacuee from Bearskin Lake First Nation was arrested and held for court.


Fiddler appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning via video link from the Thunder Bay Police Service station. His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding along with Crown Attorney Andrea Mason and duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy.

Fiddler is facing the following charges stemming from the incident at the Victoria Inn:

  • Assault.
  • Breaching a probation order made on May 4th, 2018 (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

The Crown states that Fiddler is in a Crown-onus situation, meaning that the burden falls on them to show the courts why Fiddler should remain in jail, they have secondary ground concerns regarding his release. Secondary ground concerns tells us that the Crown believes there is a substantial risk that Fiddler may either re-offend, become a public safety concern, or both, should he be released. Further, the Crown makes it clear they are not consenting to Fiddlers release today, and won’t be until he has a separate residence he can reside at that isn’t the Victoria Inn.


Duty counsel tells the court that they have been trying to contact the coordinator from Bearskin Lake First Nation, but they did not respond to their phone calls this morning. The expectation is that the co-ordinator will put Fiddler up in a new hotel, which will enable his release from jail. Duty counsel asks for the matter to return to court tomorrow, Monday November 18th, 2019 for another swing at being released.

Fiddler is ordered to remain in jail until at least tomorrow, when he is likely to be released pending a new hotel room.

We will update his as more info becomes available.


16 Replies to “Evacuee Charged After Woman Beaten at Hotel”

  1. 10-09-100.

    And people wonder why FN people are over-represented in our prisons? Could it be that they’re always getting into sh!t?

  2. send him back where he came from , how about putting him to work to clean up the devastation caused by the flooding . He needs to be held accountable!

  3. Is this any surprise at all to anyone. Remember the pikangikum evacuation during the summer. Thunder Bay isn’t a dry reserve. Ship them home to do repairs or whatever. Let the women and children stay.

    1. They come here get a taste of the big city and then get rowdy. Way to show u appreciate for being helped when your community is in distress. Maybe they should send them to a close by reserve to help them out. Family helping family

  4. The first Bearskin Lake person to earn a charge during this stay, while get a taste of civilization.
    How many more before they go?

  5. Why arent the evacuees sent to FWFN or other reserves? These evacuations of northern reserves are a never ending event. Let them build a place for them with the millions of dollars they get from their litigation wins. Let them stay on a reserve where they wont have such a “traumatic change of lifestyle” and let their own cops deal with them. Just so tired of dealing with what is nothing more than their routine vacations. They wont move those reserves where they are at risk of flooding but they demand help when they wont help themselves. And that snowflake government caves into them every fucking time.

  6. Wow…Now our city needs to find this woman beater a hotel? He should have to go to the homeless shelter or send him home to act the wild animal he is.. What a disgrace to his community.Only.wimps beat women!

  7. We’re not at fault here. It’s the system of Canada that fucken breaks us. Need us like America needs black men in jail. Money. And control. Send a native to the city that gets in to trouble and drinks n drugs it’s designed that way to control us. Fuck Canada system white man can visit but we natives are Canada real Canadian.

    1. How do we get money or control sending natives to jail? Use your pea brain. You have an advantage and u piss it away and become a debt on society

    2. Pea brain:

      You’re a prime example of the worst that native society has to offer. Always whining and crying about being hard done by but seldom doing anything to better your situation.

      How is it white society’s fault that so many FN people leave the reserves for bigger communities, refuse to work when they get there, permanently go on welfare, drink and drug themselves stupid, mistreat their women and children, end up on the wrong side of the law and wind up in jail?

      Don’t you think it’s time to accept some responsibility for your actions? You’ve had hundreds of years to adapt. You really can’t be that slow?

      Oh, and by the way, your ancestors came to this land from Asia. You’re just as much a settler as everyone else.

  8. Pea Brain Native you have selected an appropriate name for yourself. You need to review your past history. Your ancestors negotiated with the new settlers and sold tracts of land to them. It is evident all the treaties signed by both sides. Once you sell something , it is no longer yours. Your ancestors were also treated with much more respect and fairness than the natives in the USA were. I do have sympathy for the Natives in the USA because they did not hit the jackpot like the natives in Canada did. No one consulted those natives in the USA for anything If the USA Native peoples objected to the demands of the US government, they were massacred. End of Story. Native people here in Canda have generous benefits provided to them based solely on the colour of their skin. I can not think of any other nations on this planet that does that. So you can stop the pity party. It is quite boring now.

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