Drunken Man Lights Fire in Emergency Department


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A small fire broke out in the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on Saturday evening.

Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue reports that an employee of the hospital extinguished the fire before firefighters arrived on the scene around 6:00 pm.


A patient that was in the emergency department at the time of the fire told TRCC News that a drunken man had lit his bed on fire causing himself to get burned. Patients in the emergency department were asked to evacuate to the waiting room. Those who could, made their way there, those who couldn’t were apparently left in the emergency department. Patients say they saw the man on the burnt stretcher remain in the emergency department.

The fire is under investigation by both the Thunder Bay Police Service and the Thunder Bay Fire & Rescue.

Smoke was removed from the emergency department using fans and the ventilation system.


We are expecting a criminal charge to stem from the incident.


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  1. This asshole should be charged with arson and attempted murder. The attention seeking performances from these selfish morons who put others in a hazardous position needs to be curbed quickly. Imagine the unfortunate others in the ER who had to be exposed to this trash. With the staff at the ER run off their feet every shift and stretched everyway, it is a good thing that staff were on top of that situation quickly. Time the justice system delivers some tough love to send a clear message that this inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated.

  2. These drunk/drugged assholes should be strip searched before putting them into an ambulance or police cruiser. Never know WTF they’ll do.

  3. The drunken man should not have been in a tertiary care emergency room for starters.
    Please read below:

    Mental Illness & Addiction

    Northwestern Ontario is facing a rapidly growing mental illness and addiction crisis. Thunder Bay Regional Hospital treats thousands of visits annually in this regard, and our city’s detox bed numbers are inadequate. Thunder Bay has become one of the newly-ranked most dangerous cities in Canada and according to police officials the problem can be directly linked to increased levels of alcohol and drug abuse.
    Decades ago the government mandated closure of many facilities that specifically treated mental illness and addictions. The plan was to integrate these individuals into society, with the help of support systems. Optics will tell you that this is failing!
    There are currently many integration homes in our city. For some people who are rational and have coping skills this might be an appropriate decision, but for others who may be extremely mentally challenged, self-abusive, obstructive or violent, a group home is not suitable. We no longer have an appropriate place to address their needs.
    For a continuum of care that heals both the patient and the family, an all-inclusive facility is optimum. Currently, our fragmented system makes it difficult for the patient and family to navigate and promotes miscommunication among treatment professionals.
    The issue of stigma seems to be a concern. What is so stigmatizing about treating mental illness and addictions at a designated site? It seems like a common-sense fit. Toronto and London have recently built multi-million dollar structures for exactly this purpose. Our existing system merely adds fuel to the stigma scenario. The public forms their opinion of the mental illness and addiction issue when they view an individual in full crisis on the street, in an emergency room visit or after reading about related criminal activity in the newspaper. “Canadian penitentiaries are becoming the largest psychiatric facilities in the country.”
    This has been a problem for decades, since the closure of many mental health locations.

    A proper facility would incorporate all aspects of care.

    • Emergency assessment with electronic link to main hospital for consultation.
    • Inpatient mental health unit
    • Forensic mental health unit
    • Outpatient consultation and treatment clinics
    • Detoxification crisis unit
    • Group therapy sessions
    • Methadone maintenance
    • Family education and support
    • Abuse and trauma therapy
    • Nutrition and activities of daily living
    • Integration into the community and the workplace

    While I am all for infrastructure improvements and prosperity for the Northwest, I believe that our priorities have become skewed. I appeal to municipal and provincial officials to recognize the importance of opening a mental health facility.
    Let’s give mental illness and addictions proper treatment.
    The Flagship
    Northwestern Ontario
    A Place To Heal

    Alana Bishop

    1. Alana I have been saying the same thing for decades. Since those twits in charge of health care in the 1970’s decided that individuals in mental health facilites should be out into mainstream society, many of the clients have traded one institution for another. They have gone from getting the mental health care they desperately needed to another institution called jail and many others have become homeless. The plan to integrate those clients into mainstream society has FAILED gigantically and the evidence of that sorry experiment is ubiquitous.The politcians have been sitting on their arses for many years allowing this to reach a crisis and they have done absolutely nothing to change the situation Many of those with impaired mental faculties or substance abuse issues have no one to advocate for them. They are left to fend for themselves. It is said that a civilzed society takes care of its most vunerable but that is not happening in Canada. What will it take to get some real action out of the politicians so those very vunerable individuals get the help they need. Our PM appears to be only interested in taking care of everyone else on this planet but he easily ignores the problems happening in our own country. Patty Hadju is the federal minister of health but I have no idea what she is being paid for in that role. She lives in this city and should be aware of what is happening not only here but all across this country. She also knows first hand that many of those using the shelter have mental health issues. Have I missed her plans or comments on this crisis? Until those politicians actually get busy and work at solving the problems instead of just agreeing that there is a problem and believe that is the only contribution they need to make concerning the issue, the situation will only get worse if that is at all possible.

    2. The huge elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge is the failure to address the predominant reason for so many mentally ill people. I’ll stick my neck out and say it: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and parental drug abuse resulting in permanently mentally ill offspring.

      With so many fucked up drunk and drug addicted people pumping out brain damaged children by the thousands, the problem of mental illness will continue to grow unabated. When these mentally challenged people hit reproductive age, they’ll be doing exactly the same thing.

      Our Liberal govt keeps these drunks/druggers well provided for with free housing and a welfare system that encourages undesirables to keep pumping out defective kids. All they do is drink, drug and reproduce to freeload bigger “pecker cheques”.

      This present welfare state is fostering generation after generation of full time welfare scamming, mentally ill people and Dumpster Bay is the welfare capital the province. . Until that problem is dealt with this disgusting situation will continue to grow.

  4. Yes I agree with Alana!!!! We need to address this issue of Mental illness head-on or this city will get worse before it gets better. What will it take to be recognized that were part of Ontario? North West is being ignored !!! Governments dont support the growing surplus of native issues in the north. We need to get our politician to wake up and yell out loud in parliament.

    That is just my opinion….

  5. Totally correct Alana,!! I wonder how many times some people go through the emergency dept in a week. Or the drunk tank ‘, or detox if they are lucky so they can eat and sleep and continue the cycle. Something needs to be done. Re-open the LPH so people can get the help they need and free up shelters and detox’s ,hospitals and jails for people that are actually willing or deserve to be there. It’s only gonna get worse if nothing is done.

  6. I happened to be in the room beside him….. it was scary and I was baffled at how he managed to start it… I’m pretty sure he was strapped in…… like for “safety” ……. I seen the fire….. it went up fast

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