Drunken Assault, Police Respond to Wequedong Lodge


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On December 5th, 2019, officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) responded to the Wequedong Lodge in Thunder Bay regarding a report from paramedics that a male had been assaulted.

Upon officers arriving they observed a male that had dried blood under his nose and on his shirt. Investigation revealed that the mans significant other had punched the man in his face. He advised police that his girlfriend of four months, Margaret Childforever had done this to him. He says the punch was unprovoked. The couple was hanging out with the woman’s ex-lover and consuming alcohol. At this time, paramedics were already on location and the woman was not present.


The assault is said to have taken place at or near the Intercity Shopping Centre. As police were speaking with the male victim, Margaret Eveningstar Childforever pulled up as a passenger in a van to the Wequedong Lodge. Officers spoke to her and she was visibly intoxicated and had dried blood on her left hand. She had no visible injuries

Police arrested and charged Childforever with the assault. She was transported to the TBPS station located at 1200 Balmoral Street, where she was held in police custody pending a court appearance.

She appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom on December 6th, 2019 via video link from the TBPS station. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon was presiding over court this morning along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and top notch duty counsel lawyer Stella Vallelungo. Childforever is facing a single charge of assault.


Court hears that Childforever does not have any prior convictions but has been charged before. Further, court hears that Childforever is employed and is scheduled to leave Thunder Bay at 3:30 pm today. The Crown states that Childforever is in a Crown-onus situation but a proposed bail plan alleviates the secondary ground concerns that have been raised.

The proposed bail plan is a recognizance of $250, non-deposit and no surety. The conditions are:

  • Reside at an address in Round Lake.
  • Not to contact the alleged victim.
  • Stay 50 meters away from anywhere the alleged victim lives, works, goes to school or otherwise might be.
  • No weapons.

The Crown wanted a “no alcohol / no intoxicating substances” but that was struck down by the Justice of the Peace. She is ordered released from jail and is scheduled to return to court on January 14th, 2019.

Domestic violence towards men happens just as often as domestic violence towards women. Speak up and out against all forms of domestic violence.


5 Replies to “Drunken Assault, Police Respond to Wequedong Lodge”

  1. 10-90-100.

    “The Crown wanted a “no alcohol / no intoxicating substances” but that was struck down by the Justice of the Peace.”

    WTF? I know that it’s very unlikely that this woman would obey the order, however, the JP should have included it. In this instance, the JP is enabling the problem that precipitated the violence.

    I’ll tell you why I think the order was omitted. The JP knows very well that the woman will be drinking and drugging and if caught, more charges will follow. So, in effect the JP is minimizing the potential for more charges to be processed in the court.

    So, now our JPs are not only inept, complacent and incompetent, this one is obviously lazy too.

    1. That’s what is wrong with narrow minded people..u assume she is guilty and will not obey the police order..did u not see that this is not a person with priors..think b4 u assume!!

  2. The JP refused a no alcohol/no intoxicating substance ban for this case??? WTF and Where the fuck did they dig her up from to serve in this position??? That JP needs to be removed immediately as she lacks the qualifications to do her job professionally. She does not understand the concept of impartiality. If her performance in this case is what she delivers, then what is she being paid for? If she wants to advocate for certain members then she is in the wrong position and should go back to school and become a lawyer. . She needs to support her own causes on her own dime.

  3. The woman is required to live in Round Lake so any no compliance of probation order would require a trip back to Thunder Bay. It would be a lot cheaper to just let her get drunk in Roaund Lake.

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