Drug Dealer Beats Down Drug Dealer, Stabs Him with a Bubbler


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Due to no charges having been laid in this situation and no video surveillance being obtained, we cannot name the people involved in this incident but assure you that this has happened.

A drug dealer who moved here from Ottawa sometime around 2010 set up shop around that time and started selling cocaine and prescription pills. This male initial R, was at that point, not a drug user. After years in Thunder Bay, he slowly downward spiralled into a needle user that shoots up almost everything.


A local drug dealer, who used to be a semi-famous MMA star started selling hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc, around the same time. The two have had many interactions with each other, both peaceful and sometimes confrontational.

The local drug dealer, initial D, appears to have had an issue with R and decided that he was going to beat him up and rob the Ottawa male. He scheduled to meet R on May Street and lead him to believe he was going to buy a substantial amount of drugs from him.

D arrived with two women, a  sledgehammer and a crack cocaine bubbler (similar to a marijuana weed bubbler, except it’s used to smoke crack rocks). During the course of the interaction, R was beaten with fists, the sledgehammer and the bubbler was broken during the incident and R was even stabbed with a piece of it. D took R’s crack, cash and other drugs he had on him.


R was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and kept his mouth shut, he didn’t tell anyone what happened or who did it. He got patched up and went home to heal. Police are aware of the situation but their hands are tied as the victim is uncooperative and nobody is coming forward with witness statements.

Both men have had articles written up on them on this page.


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  1. Would have been nice if they all would have outright killed each other.

    A perfect solution to the drug problems we have in this city.

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