DRUG BUST: Meth, Percs, Suboxone and Morphine


(BROTHERS TOWNSHIP, ON) – Once again, hardworking officers with the Marathon detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police have taken more illicit drugs off these streets in northern Ontario.

Allegations are that a traffic stop on Highway 17 in Brothers Township resulted in the seizure of an amount of methamphetamine tablets, oxycodone (percocet), suboxone and morphine. Police investigation resulted in the arrest of 45-year-old Gladys Sabourin.


Sabourin was held pending a court appearance that happened this morning in Thunder Bay via video link while in police custody at the Marathon OPP detachment. She appeared before His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio, Federal Crown Attorney Alex Hardiejowski, Provincial Crown Attorney Andrea Mason and duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy.

Sabourin is facing the following charges:

  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking (methamphetamine tablets).
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking (oxycodone A.K.A. percocets).
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking (suboxone).
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking (morphine).
  • Breaching bail conditions (not to be outside of her residence with alcohol in her body).

Sabourin tells the court that she has a prescription for her oxycodone, duty counsel quickly tells her not to say anything during court.


The Crown tells the courts that Sabourin is in a reverse-onus situation which means she will carry the burden to prove to the courts why she should be released. Court hears that Sabourin’s criminal record has triggered concerns on both the primary and secondary grounds. Primary ground concerns means that the Crown believes that the accused is unlikely to return to court, should they be released. Secondary ground concerns means that the Crown believes that should the accused be released, there is a substantial risk that the accused will either become a public safety concern, re-offend, or both.

Duty counsel states that they will be in contact with Sabourin’s lawyer, Mr Young, and would like the matter remanded to Tuesday in a Thunder Bay courtroom.

Sabourin is denied her release from jail today and will be shipped off to the Thunder Bay correctional centre where she will likely remain until at least Tuesday, where she will have another chance at being released from jail.


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    Hope they throw the book at her.

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