Double Leg Amputee Violently Robbed, Pushed to the Ground


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On Thursday night, a woman was in Thunder Bay and was waiting for a cab that she had ordered. Due to undisclosed reasons, she has had both of her legs amputated previously and has two prosthetic legs.

As she was waiting for her cab, two men approached her and asked her if she had an extra smoke. The woman, not being rich but always willing to give and help others, reached down into her purse to get the men a smoke. That’s when things turned violent.


The woman was pushed to the ground by one man while the other man grabbed her purse. The men made off with an undisclosed amount of loot.

A sore back with some level of bruising is what the woman was left with after attempting to help out the two men with a smoke. She says she is more hurt mentally than anything. She is glad that she did not get hurt more than she did as this situation could have become so much worse for her.

She would like to tell the public to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. She says that even if she wasn’t a double leg amputee, she wouldn’t have been able to stop this violent robbery.


Police are aware of the incident and are investigating.


12 Replies to “Double Leg Amputee Violently Robbed, Pushed to the Ground”

  1. This city is deteriorating very quickly due to various drug gangs, addicts seeking cash for their next fix and cut backs from the gvmnt to our Police Force to fight these undesirables. She was absolutely correct to always be aware of your surrounding. It’s time to start carrying some sort of self defence items (women especially) while bear spray or mace is illegal to carry(hairspray isn’t) better to be judged in court by 12 then carried by 6. Might not of helped in her situation but will in many others. These new tactical flashlights with the strobe function is also another great tool if out alone on the streets of this City.

    1. Shining a flashlight in a perp’s eyes or spraying hairspray ain’t gonna stop a thug. You’re obviously not a woman

    2. No definitely not a lady but thinking of legal self defence for them.. these tactical flashlights will almost knock you over if not expecting it… anything is better than nothing. Stacey if you know of anything please let others know.

    3. The only thing that hairspray will be good for against the perp, is hoping that after he drinks it, he wanders into traffic in front of a semi-truck.

  2. Someone should start going around, asking these low lives for smokes.
    And when they say no, without a word begin to lay one hell of a beating to them. while asking them, how do you like it?

    1. Fucking rights bud! Time to start giving them own medicine. I have been saying that now since the beginning of this year. I don’t give a fuck their pocket is empty they best come up with something or take a vicious bearing like they serve the rest of us.

  3. Taxis get robbed all the time. Now people waiting for taxis are getting robbed. Why don’t taxi companies install cameras?

  4. Feel for the woman. Can’t believe how callous and cowardly these two lowlife scum bags are. Attacking a woman is cowardly to begin with, a disabled woman even more so. For TWO of them to assault. a woman with prosthetic legs is outright despicable especially after giving them a smoke. I hope karma finds them and serves a long, painful and lingering death.

    Why no description of these culprits? Let me guess????

    To hell with the law. To be safe in Dumpster Bay, you need to carry the pepper spray and self defence weapons of your choice. The ONLY reason the law doesn’t want you carrying self defence sprays and potential weapons is that they’re afraid people will use it on cops. Meanwhile, cowardly punks continue to beat up on disabled women.

    1. Too many animals roaming the streets here. I was recently in Alaska. Our guide who was young woman from Down Under, carries a 44 magnum with her . She says she is not afraid of “ANY “animals and also not afraid to use it if it is a choice between her life or ANY animals . She has not been attacked or had any problems so far. That concept works for me. .

    2. I’d be more than happy just to pack a .22. That will deter the “city” animals we have to deal with in Dumpster Bay.

      It’s hard for law biding citizens to sit back and watch this sh!t going on. Our cops have their backs to the wall and simply cannot keep up. With the number gangs, druggers and lowlife punks like the above carrying out violent crimes, vigilantism is just around the corner. Pepper spray will be the least of the cops worries. .

    3. Good point Rex. As well as where and when this happened. To help people know possibly risky areas and times. Putting out this news atleast reminds people everywhere, in cars or on foot, to be watchful for something suspicious like this about to happen or having just happened. Anothe example is if you are going in to an apt building. It may be closer and more convenient to use a side entrance. But someone could be lurking near there mostly out of public view, for this reason. So instead, use the farther front main entrance where such attempts are less likely. It is risky to say ya you’ll spare a cigg or some change. It tells them you got stuff worth stealing. Say nicely sorry I would but got nothing right now. Maybe next time. Then they have little if any reason to attempt to run off with your purse or wallet.

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