(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The brutal beating that unfolded at the Thunder Bay District Jail yesterday may now be a murder investigation.
Information we have received is that a male inmate was punched, kicked, and had his head slammed into the bars of a cell. Thunder Bay Police Service officers responded to the jail. Due to the nature of the jail system, other inmates are hesitant to provide information due to fear of being victimized.
Correctional officers regained control of the situation. The victim was seriously injured and had chest compressions along with other life-saving measures enacted by first responders.
The victim was transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s emergency department where he was in a coma.
Sources indicate that the victim may have passed away in hospital, sparking a homicide investigation. Police have confirmed that the victim was in critical condition. If the victim did manage to pull through, it is expected that attempted murder charges are coming.
This is a developing story and we are working hard to obtain more information.


5 Replies to “DJ Assault May Now Be a Murder”

  1. You hear stories like this and one thing ALWAYS comes to mind. They just freed up some space in there so things should be looking a little better now.
    Maybe when you, “Thugs” want to join society and contribute something other than be a menace to civilization, I’ll show some sympathy. Until then, keep showing your gang signs and acting the part. No one chose your path in life other than yourself. Deal with it!

  2. @ bill westly:
    Absolutely. As long as it’s done with a dull rusted spoon.
    (I’m sure that’ll get the attention of the “snow flakes”)

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