Did Dilico Fail Slain 11-Year-Old Kailym? Father’s History.


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – On January 1st, 2020 officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) responded to a brutal double stabbing in the 200 block of Victoria Ave West where an 11-year-old boy and his 59-year-old Grandfather were allegedly stabbed by Courtney Marie Labelle.

The boy, who was Courtney’s son, was rushed to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s emergency department where he doctors pronounced him deceased. His grandfather, who’s also Courtney’s father, was also sent to hospital but was released later that day. Both victims were allegedly stabbed by their family member, Courtney Marie Labelle.


Since then, there has been some visible tensions between the mother and fathers side of the family. Komantcia Moore laid out a series of statements regarding Dilico’s involvement with the child and possible drug use. Below are her statements.

“Had (Dilico) not been manipulated into giving those children back this summer …..


It’s time you stop giving children back year after year without the parent actually doing what you make every other parent do.

The worst parents get hteir kids back, just like that, without any type of programmings on their part. Then it’s the good parents who put in 500% that take years to get their children back.

His mother needed help long ago. Had you not been saving face then she would have gotten the help she needed.” Moore said.

In another statement she made, this was said:

“Picture this….

2011 I just had a baby but I started back on drugs after exactly 2 weeks. I started going nutso and they had every right to take my baby away. But just because my Dilico worker had Courtney Marie Labelle as babysitter back in the day, Dilico gave my baby back without programming on our part. We still had drugs in our system and they handed our babby back within 12 hours because grandmother and Courtney were frriends with out Dilico worker. Whom, by the way became a manager for Longlac, Ontario.

I am honest enough to admit I had no business keeping my kid and was scared that they just gave my baby back just like that. Honestly, thats the exact moment I changed my life. Because if you can’t trust those who are hired to protect children, then you got no choice but to clean up.

This is the only reason why I will not back down because I was still clearly using when they handed my baby back.

Please don’t view this as a attack against family. We have no hard feelings and know that we are all victims here. There is no need to fight. I’m just trying to expose Dilico and the harm that they are causing our children in our community.” Moore said.

It appears Moore is curious why Dilico drug testing Courtney Marie Labelle is taking so long. She stated that:


“Are you purposely taking your sweet time to get my niece drug screening? Maybe you realize that if you wait until the last minute to get her sreened that there will be no more drugs in her system if ANY.

Oh don’t worry, I am slowly but surely building a case against you. You will not get away with this.

As we all know, a hair strand test done by your workers can and will be interpret to YOUR best advantage.” Moore said.


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  1. all animals…not human…plain and simple…don’t post Pino…you are a tool of the left…fine…Close eyes and pretend they are not a problem…THAT IS CENSORSHIP…but…who cares..

    1. I have zero clue what you are talking about bill. When your comments cross the line and could land me in a lawsuit, I won’t post them. If you want to post the comments that are too much for here, i encourage you to share the article to facebook and write in your own caption.

  2. animals breed animals ….any thoughts Chiefs? Didn’t think so… YOU bastards need to be in jail!

  3. These people are ALL amazing!!! All looking out for each other…priceless! Picture perfect ALL OF THEM! It’s a miracle the poor kid made it to 11! I’m shocked he made it past 1. Poor kid…but this is the time we live in unfortunately

  4. So sad and DISGUSTING, I CRIED AFTER READING THIS, and that takes alot and along with some comments YES addiction is BAD but the comments on all info , REALLY have some respect the family may read them and do not need to see racist stuff …. that stuff does not help. please pick words AFTER you think it through. I think we must have quite a few poorly educated people in CANADA ALSO/ not just usa .Sorry if this offends some BUT? RESPECT !!!

  5. If he was with family then how is this Child welfare’s fault??so when something happens it’s always Dilico or CAS OR POLICE OR THE HOSPITALS FAULT? I don’t think SO!!

    Stop blaming agencies, stop blaming others and START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR own ACTIONS!! This mother obviously had mental health issues and she if she did doesn’t it make sense that she may or might have had a plan of care?? SHE chose NOT TO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT!

    No one FORCES PEOPLE TO USE DRUGS, attack others, or drink!!

    She probably may had orders to stay sober etc, BUT NO she continued to USE!! HER family sounds like the ones who cared for the child, But as u see in our community, people are breaking in homes even when someone is home and I have no idea what was going on but maybe she did just that I don’t know!!

    BUT STOP BLAMING AGENCIES, stop blaming hospital workers, Stop blaming the police!!

    Enough is enough!!!

    It’s time people start taking RESPONSIBILITY!! If u never do this, you will NEVER MAKE CHANGES in your own life!!


    1. I know kids who was only 4 years of age and they got raped while in care with them, Me, personally I got abused, raped, pissed on every night, alcohol is the source, foster homes are the new residential schools, delico are nothing but thieves and pigs they only see Lil native kids as paychecks.

    2. That’s chap… Family did reached out to Dilico so called “Agency”, did you not read.. Dilico is a multi million dallar agency workers sitting on their Friggen butts driving up to date vehicles buy their own homes using Native children for personal gain.. Children are being used, abused, neglected etc. etc. Now do your research or are you just to simple narrow minded!!

  6. It’s not Dilicos fault, nothing will come out of this, thank God as well. This is the family’s fault, the mothers fault, for being a lunatic, a drug fiend, for better words, a good for nothing sack of shit. Please remove anything about Dilico being in trouble. WE all know it’s the family’s fault, you chose your own path, now deal with your disgusting daughter/ grand daughter/ neice/ whatever the fuck the waste of life is

    1. I am sorry as we had gone to Dilico here in Longlac many times regarding our grandaughter and nothing got done…instead of investigated the case they went right to the mother and grandmother…..Only this past yr after approx 5 or 6 yrs of going to Dilico with complaints did they finally step in becuz the maternal Grandmother finally decided to step up to the plate and not back her daughter up (who by the way lives right across the street from her mom so she had a clear view of everything that went on) Now they have full custody of our grandaughter and we have not been able to have her in our home for the last 2.5 – 3 yrs….yet prior to that they didn’t want much to do with her….It is a frigen JOKE……Both parents have addiction problems including our own son but he never abused his child, he was always there for her. The paternal grandmother came here approx 1.5 yrs ago – 2 yrss ago asking if we could help….WE gave her two garbage bags full of brand new clothes with price tags still on them…..she told us…you can have our grandaughter anytime just call….We would call…..no one would answer, we went to the Door and no one would answer….this Xmas we asked if we could have her for a couple of days and the response was you can have her for the day but not overnight….asked again….same response….asked for a reason….no reason. Then we were told if our son was here she could not come….our son said she was better off with the grandparents than the mother….We never once lied about our son or his problems…..we have not covered up for him or his problems…..but they did for their daughter over and over again…..I feel like many here our grandaughter is lucky to be alive……we have no idea what has happened to her other than the few things we do know and they are not good……The mother finally became incarcerated this past summer which is long overdue yet her parents knew and so did the neighbours what was going on in that low income housing unit…..We love our grandaughter and only want the best for her however……Dilico would tell us nothing in the past even when we went with the fact that she had been sat on a hot stove and had scars around her anus…..NOTHING DONE AGAIN!!! Sorry, I am fed up with DIlico in Longlac….half the people working their do not have the educations to be there……………..and how many are related to the ones that become investigated and it goes no where becuz they come from a background of alcholol, drugs, sexual abuse etc….the cycle goes on …..while some of us white folk come from the same background but no “Gladu” Act kicks in for us…..I have no excuse for my son’s choices….”THEY ARE NOT THE CHOICES WE WOULD HAVE LIKE HIM TO MAKE FOR HIMSELF”…..so don’t always condemn the parents…..I wish the law would change and the “Dilco” being a Family and Child Welfare Agency would step up to the plate and accept resposibility for their own actions…..listen to the complaints….INVESTIGATE THE COMPLAINTS and then DO SOMETHING ONCE YOU HAVE THE INFORMATION…………..I feel sorry for this poor child….I also feel horrific over what our grandaughter has seen and been through

  7. Why am I not surprised with any of this?

    Could it be because it’s not unusual for this demographic to regularly commit murder and violence upon themselves and others with little to no remorse? Whenever something like this happens, everyone is up in arms and concerned but a week later, something similar goes down. Nothing changes.

    The most disturbing part is the failure of child protection agencies involved to provide the necessary security for this deceased child. However, rest assured they’re walking a tightrope in most cases due to the political correctness of our present society and the fear of reprisal from certain political leaders who seem to perfectly satisfied with the abhorrent behaviour of many of their people.

    This killing and violence will continue unabated until FN leadership take the necessary steps to begin to reform the violent, thug life, gansta, drug and alcohol reliant mentality of the younger generations of their people. With no real leadership, these youths will drink and drug their way through their short and miserable lives until they die prematurely from alcohol, drugs and violence. Unfortunately, leaving many psychologically disturbed children in their wake for the province to care for.

    Don’t wait for the feds to step in and provide leadership. It would appear that they’re using the “give them enough rope” philosophy and it appears to be working.

  8. EXActly, take responsibility and stop blaming others. Can’t please everyone. There are hundreds saying they the mother should have their kids back, they only use on weekends. Blah blah. How could anyone predict a mother would kill their own child. If she didn’t get her child back she would probably try a lawsuit the other way. Until we stop the denial we can’t work on the problem. The problem is to many addicted young single women are having kids. In my opinion. This continues the cycle because this kids are traumatized and have more kids and on and on.

    1. And she said it loud and clear. “We are all victims”. Really ?? With that mentality you will never get better because there is nothing you can do.

  9. A child is literally a gift. As someone else said, it’s surprising he made it past 1. Having a child and battling with sobriety is pathetic. Don’t disable your child for life and choose their path before they’re born, they’ll spend the rest of their life different and scared. Kids aren’t paycheques. This was an honest life taken by a sack of crap, his mum.

  10. They gave me my baby back. They knew we were addicts. The. You dont take him back. Take responsibility for your own actions. Stop having babies. Stop looking to family for support in cases where there is addiction running rampant. Iften people lie to agencies and cover up whats really going on. You murdered your own child. The last thing this boy saw when he was killed was his own mother murdering him. Hope it haunts you the reat of your life.

  11. I see that whenever there is a native on native assault or murder, we don’t hear a peep from Alvin Fiddler. Not a word from him about this FN child’s death at the hands of his murdering FN mother. However, as soon as there’s a white person even remotely associated with a FN death, the whole world hears about it. Seems the door doesn’t swing both ways does it Alvin?

    See below:


  12. I’m a mother and I’m in college I have 1 child and I’m native watch me do this for all the young moms out there that couldn’t cause of the trauma use put them through.. I’m going in to the next semester tomorrow yous can hate our raise but we will never stop being like you cause we are the same our hearts are the In the same place our bones our nervous system everything’s the same.

    1. Rae:

      We carry no hatred for FN people. On the contrary, I’ve associated with and worked several good natives.

      What we disapprove of is the brutally violent, drug and alcohol fuelled behaviour of so many FN people, particularly in the City of Thunder Bay.

      This perceived “racism” problem is a relatively recent phenomenon caused by the sudden influx of undesirables being driven from reserves and relocating into major urban centers. Bringing with them all of their substance abuse, violence and criminal activity. Surely, you can’t turn a blind eye to all of the crime and misdeeds being carried out by so many repeat FN offenders? Look at the crime stats. How can anyone possibly ignore this very obvious reality?

      To make matters worse, your leadership, bury their heads in the sand and take NO responsibility for the behaviour of the FN criminal element. To make matters worse, our legal system have manipulated the law by way of Gladue reports to mitigate punishment for their crimes. Is that fair?

      Can you not see the problem here? This isn’t racism. It’s frustration.

      We used to live in a town that was relatively safe and open to all. Now it’s a frontier war zone immersed in crime and violence. The vast majority of which is carried out by repeat FN criminals. Therein lies the frustration factor. Can you not wrap your head around that?

  13. As usual Rex you hit the nail on the head with the situation.
    I just don’t know when these people are going to stop blaming everyone but themselves for the life they have and lead, but then again when you get a payout for every whine and cry you make why not!! It is such a ridiculous situation it is hard to even believe. Not to sound rude and uncaring but truthfully I don’t give a crap about this drug induced mother and what she chooses to do with her life. I do however care about the child but I can tell you there is nothing that can be done to fix things other than by their own family just like every other drug addicted person. There is very little help available to anyone therefore the family HAS to be the ones to step in and help. That family member above who is screaming that Dilico should not have given that child back, well sorry I disagree. I think you’s and your families should raise all these children you’s choose to have and stop having them and expecting some agency to look after them because when they use their discretion you just complain more. Raise your own children and keep them in your own homes because we have not even dealt with the financial aspect of the last time your kid’s were placed in other homes. This country is going to go broke paying out all this stuff while you sit back and complain and complain. We are wrong and to blame no matter what we do so just raise your own kids the best way you know how.

  14. Agree with Bill, YES!
    full scale investigation against Dilico is needed NOW!
    Children are being used, abused, neglected etc. etc. etc. Far to many cases are mishandled from so called agency Dilico… I repeat multi-million dollar agency getting rich off Native children.. C.A.S. if far more supportive than Dilico. Reconciliation “YES” close down Dilico bring back C.A.S. they are more concern of our kids than what Dilico 👹 has to offer..

  15. Sorry to break this to all the people saying that FN-on-FN violence, addiction, etc., is something that the FN people can control…BUT… the structure of Canadian society puts FN people in a hole that is nearly impossible to dig out of. You must recognize your privilege and be more compassionate and less judgmental. Please educate yourselves. Read Young Thugs by Michael Chettleburg.

    1. gimme1:

      Keep clutching at straws and making excuses. That seems to be the only consistent defence for abhorrent behaviour of many FN criminals.

      I know and worked with a number of successful FN people. What’s their excuse for succeeding?

      Keep crying in your beer and you’ll continue to to spiral downward.


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