Dease Shooting Arrest Made – Holly Pappassay


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Hardworking Thunder Bay Police Service officers have made an arrest regarding the shooting that took place at 139 Dease Street earlier this month.

Investigators took 48-year-old Holly Emma PAPASSAY into custody on Monday October 14, 2019 at approximately 3:00 p.m. at a McLaughlin Street address.

48-year-old Holly Emma Papassay has been arrested and held in custody pending her court appearance this morning.


A white vehicle rolled up and parked outside of a home at the corner of Dease and McKenzie. A suspect exited the vehicle and entered the home. Gunshots rang throughout the home and the suspect exited the home, entered the white vehicle and fled at a high rate of speed.

Police swarmed the area and a male aged in the late teen’s was rushed to hospital with approximately 3 gunshot wounds. One to the shoulder, one to the foot and a third unconfirmed wound. All three bullets entered and exited the body.


Papassay is charged with Attempted murder by discharging a prohibited firearm at a D.B.

His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman was presiding along with Crown Attorney Rob Kozak and criminal defence lawyer Johnny DeBakker.

Obviously, after some courtroom discussions, Holly Papassay was not granted a release from jail today. She is going to remain in jail for some time now.

She is scheduled to appear back in court tomorrow for a bail hearing. There is a man in the body of the court who appears to be here in support of Papassay.


7 Replies to “Dease Shooting Arrest Made – Holly Pappassay”

  1. Great work by the Thunder Bay Police. I just hope the judge lays down the law for once and imposes the strictest sentence possible. But I wont hold my breath. Gladue will be applied and in no time she will back on the streets of Dumpster Bay where she can carry on with her nasty habits. Oh well maybe her aim will be better next time.

  2. What is the bare minimum jail time for attempted murder? Why does she get bail court the day after being arrested? Makes no sense, expecially with how much news coverage this certain situation had

  3. Does D.B. stand for douche bag?
    If the victim is a “southern gang” member or a drug dealing pimp, this is just a case of snakes shooting snakes. Works for me!
    The more these lowlife pukes take each other out, the better.

  4. It is past due for city council, the police dept., EMS and the First Nation leaders to declare a state of emergency in this city. Never mind scratching your heads and agreeing we have a drug crisis, gangs taking over, escalating crime, human trafficking and not enough resources to deal with this. This place needed an action plan implemented like last year already on how they plan to reduce this trash. (If they had one, it sure aint effective) Toronto doesnt need all that money for gun control, We are the place all those southern gangs have migrated to. What are all those politicians and other leaders and the police dept waiting for? Til some innocent people get mowed down in the cross fire of a drug war? Declaring a state of emergency and requesting outside help would be a step in the right direction. Right now they all are aware of these problems and their current method is like giving an antibiotic to a dead body.

    1. Our leadership (if you can call it that) have neither courage nor brains. They’re nothing more than a bunch of self interested opportunists using their positions for self gain.
      No one wants to upset the apple cart by declaring an emergency. Think of all the disruption that would cause. Bottom lines might be affected. Hundreds, if not a thousand or more welfare scammers might have their dole interrupted by doing jail time. That would effect Dumpster Bay’s” welfare economy”. Can’t have than now can we?
      This town is truly F___KD!

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