Crack and Mushroom Overdose Ends in Handcuffs


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A resident in the area of Sills Street tells us that an unfortunate event had unfolded on their street.
A man was terribly high and acting erratically which resulted in a 911 call to get the man some help, according to a person who was with the man. Upon paramedics arrival, the man became disgruntled and aggressive, resulting in him assaulting a paramedic who was only trying to treat him.
Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service booted down a door to get to the man and regained control of the situation.
The man was spotted being escorted out in leg cuffs (handcuffs for the feet).
After this incident, the male was taken to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centres Emergency Department (A.K.A. “The Hilton”) where he will be monitored by doctors and nurses until he is deemed good to go. A Thunder Bay Police service officer will most likely  remain with the man until at least that point.
If you are struggling with substance abuse, please reach out to the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre. They are a group of caring and compassionate people who will not pass judgment. Call them at 807-684-1880.


2 Replies to “Crack and Mushroom Overdose Ends in Handcuffs”

  1. Why not post the address of this illegal recreational drug abuser? Why not post their name as well? How do we protect our children and others in the neighbourhood from such people if we keep them cloaked and protected? Society is enabling these constant routines. The cops were called, an ambulance was called and a night for the staff at the TBRHSC. That’s a lot of tax dollars for somebody who can’t control their drug habits. Enough of this BS and start advertising these people. Perhaps they’ll get tired of seeing their names in social media and sober themselves up!

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