Cozy Corner Driver Arrested, Charged for Drug Impaired


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – An interesting development recently, and we have the details regarding a tow truck driver being arrested.

What we gathered is that a driver for Cozy Corner had developed an issue regarding his fentanyl use most recently.


While on-duty, the suspect is believed to have been using “purple down” and driving around in the Cozy Corner company vehicle.

A call from police had been requested and the driver responded. Police requested he haul out a white truck from a snowbank at the corner of Strand and Dawson. He got the truck up on the back of his flatbed and headed out.

Police suspected something was “off” regarding the Cozy Corner driver and later on, he was arrested and charged with impaired operation after he put the truck in the ditch. (an earlier version of this article stated that police suspected the driver was impaired. That was our error.)


The Cozy’s flatbed truck pulled over and was almost in the ditch. Gary’s Towing was called to the scene and impounded the Cozy Corner flatbed.

This is a developing story and we are working on getting more details


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  1. One would think that the company would conduct employee random drug tests?

    Pretty bad when tow truck drivers are f*cked up on drugs while on duty? Dumpster Bay- stooping to new depths.


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