Court Allows Woman to Use Drugs at Home


(DRYDEN, ON) – 22-year-old Saige Fox appeared in a Thunder Bay court room this morning via telephone while in police custody at the Dryden Police Service station. She is facing numerous charges after being found in the backseat of a vehicle, alleged to be in possession of some drugs.
Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons was presiding over bail court this morning. Federal Crown Attorney Misbah Haque, Provincial Crown Attorney Derrick “The Hammer” Silvestro and duty counsel lawyer Robert Habjan were also present. Fox is facing the following criminal charges:

  • Possession of a substance banned under the CDSA (tramadol).
  • Possession of a substance banned under the CDSA (hydromorphone).
  • Obstruct police (false name).

Crown Attorney Haque informs the court that Fox is currently wanted by the Thunder Bay Police Service but the radius of that warrant precludes TBPS from making the arrest. That being said, he is also content to release Fox back into the community and cites that she has made every single one of her court dates previously. the Provincial Crown Attorney echoes the Federal Crown’s input. Crown Attorney Haque tells the court that Fox was found in the backseat of a vehicle with numerous pills and lied to officers about who she was.

Fox speaks to duty counsel in private, and upon her return to court Crown Attorney Haque starts to lay out the bail conditions he is seeking in order to consent to the release of Fox. Those conditions are:

  • $50 non-deposit recognizance.
  • Not to possess or consume any drugs banned under the CDSA unless medically prescribed.
  • Remain in the district of Kenora.
  • Reside in the 200 block of Pioneer Street in Dryden, Ontario.
  • Notify police of any change of address within 24 hours.

The officer overseeing court at the Dryden Police Service detachment interjects and informs the court that the address provided by Fox, doesn’t exist. Fox objects and pushes on that the address does in fact exist and begins to describe in detail to the court where exactly it is. The Justice of the Peace modifies the condition proposed and changes it to “report your address within 24 hours of your release to the Dryden Police Service”. An additional condition is to report any change of her address to the Dryden Police Service within 24 hours. This seems to be satisfactory to everyone involved.
The Justice of the Peace reads out the condition that restricts her from possessing or consuming drugs banned under CDSA and asks duty counsel if that is a “safe and reasonable condition”. Habjan responds by asking for “no intoxicating substances out of the home”. Federal Crown Haque asks how that should be worded, and mentions how she should not be in possession of any drugs.
“The challenge that… we received some information actually from the Federal Crown that they are no longer asking for that particular condition if people are addicts because there is an increased chance of overdosing.” Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons states.
“Certainly there is a clause in regards to that.” Federal Crown Haque responds.
“Well that’s what I’m asking here sir, is there an issue here if we impose that condition, will we put her at risk?” the Justice of the Peace said.
“Very briefly, I didn’t ask specifically but there was an indication that there is some substance abuse issues, your worship.” duty counsel Habjan tells the court.
“Ok, was it drugs, or was it alcohol?” Justice of the peace said.
“I would need to confirm that, my understanding is just substance abuse in general, your worship.” Habjan stated.
“I would suggest substances, including alcohol and drugs.” Federal Crown Haque tells the court.
“That’s the challenge that we have here when we set conditions, gentlemen. We may be putting someone’s health and safety in jeopardy here if we say no” Justice of the Peace states.
“I hear your comments your Worship, just “not to be intoxicated outside of the home”” Federal Crown Haque recommends.
Duty counsel and the Justice of the Peace agree and approve of this condition. Fox will not be found in breach of her bail conditions should she use drugs in her own home. Officers can come check on her and if she’s high, it’s ok, she won’t be arrested. A reason for this new condition by the courts is because numerous people will skip out of their home and get high in parks or trap houses, sometimes overdosing and dying. Sometimes their friends panic and will wait to call 911 if they overdose, as they know they are on conditions not to be under the influence of drugs. With this new condition, 911 can be called right away, increasing the chance of someone who has overdosed being saved.
It is already common in the Canadian justice system for people who struggle with alcohol to be allowed to consume alcohol within their own home, provided they do not leave the home with any alcohol still in their system.
Fox is released from jail and has been scheduled to return to court in Dryden on October 7th, 2019.


6 Replies to “Court Allows Woman to Use Drugs at Home”

  1. This sentence is PRICELESS!! Do all the drugs you want under house arrest just DON’T leave your house HAHAHAHA. So is the judge going to have a doctor write up a prescription for her pharmaceutical of choice and have Shoppers drop it off? If I didn’t read this with my own eyes and someone told me about this I’d laugh in their face and be like “Sure, Jan” while rolling my eyes. Are we ever living in fuc*ed up times.

    1. It’s not so much the country. It’s out totally f____d up political environment. We’ve become a dangerously permissive society that allows just about anything to go on and promotes unacceptable behaviour.
      Our “justice” system is a joke. Our penal system is more of a Club Med than a form of punishment. Why else would so many of these assholes sign up for more prison time? Just look at the number of reoffenders. The vast majority of those before the court are there for repeated failures to follow court orders and instructions. Do think they give a sh!t about the law?
      We need to take back the leadership of this country from the lilly livered cowards that are afraid to enforce the law.
      Just think of this: An international terrorist was paid 10 million of OUR tax dollars because he wasn’t coddled enough. WTF is that? Vote these Liberals out and keep them out.

  2. So, If I had a problem ,say a sex addiction, get caught with under age girl or boy and get put under house arrest, I might kill myself if I can’t have sex with kids, does that mean it would be okay for me to do that at home ? I could order them online from a reputable Southern Ontario dealer and have them delivered to me no questions asked. Does this not make sense too? How dumb ass is that.

  3. Not too long ago, if you were caught with a joint of marijuana, you went to jail. Almost 100 years ago, if you were caught with alcohol, you went to jail. Nowadays, you can pretty much get away with anything. Sickening. If you overdose on drugs, it is a sympathy treatment so you can go on getting high. People today are saved more by Narcan than people being saved through AR and CPR. Sickening!

  4. We have reasons to fear for our futures.
    This pathetic growing irresponsible and permanent mentality of victimhood amongst certain demographics, supported by socialist government and judicial ilk, will ensure the ‘washing machine effect’ continues. Wash, rinse and repeat.
    Lest anyone of addiction should suffer, feel deprived, be expected to have responsibility for or guilt for their choices, the default has now become to support their addictive choices, no matter the costs- be that as they are.
    Its a paid for supportive system of perpetuity. There are no more treatment facilities/programs to end usage.
    Canada builds no more prisons nor jails- why bother when ppl can be repeatedly bailed and released or enjoy being home under “conditions”
    Grateful to not be around in these coming years to see the carnage that these liberal failures will produce.
    Its utterly disgusting and protects and promotes the users and abusers.
    The rest of us are sick of it and tired of bearing the financial and societal costs

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