Clavet Street Trap House Cocaine Trafficking Bust


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yesterday in bail court, there was a number of people that were arrested overnight and held by police to appear in court instead of being released on a “promise to appear”.

There was a total of 8 people in custody at the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) headquarters awaiting to appear before a Justice of the Peace. Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) had someone in Greenstone over domestic violence beef and there was a guy in Marathon, which I’ll be writing about later.


Presiding over court appearances from the TBPS headquarters was His Worship, Justice of the Peace Bruce Leaman. Say what you will about His Worship, in my opinion, he is one of the best. Federal  Crown Attorney Alec Hardiejowski, Provincial Crown Attorney Tamara Fairchild and criminal defence lawyer Sandy Stuart acting as duty counsel were also present.

First up is 49-year-old Timothy Tilling and his co-accused Michelle Margaret Turpin (we were unable to confirm her age, and I heard somewhere that asking a woman her age isn’t appropriate.). They are both facing cocaine trafficking-related charges which likely stem from the activity at the Clavet Street trap house which sources indicate they are associated with.

Federal Crown Hardiejowski tells the court that he has secondary and tertiary grounds regarding their release and is not consenting to them being let out of jail today. Hardiejowski asks the court for the two to be ordered not to contact or communicate with each other while they are in custody.


Duty counsel puts a request forward for both accused to return to court on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 for another swing at getting released.

Tilling is headed to the Thunder Bay District Jail and Turpin will spend a few nights, at minimum, at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre.


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  1. In poor taste to make personal remark regarding age .. lives all the way around the board have been negatively affected.. not a laughing matter!!

    1. “In poor taste to make personal remark regarding age”

      A couple of lowlife criminals dealing dope and death and you’re sensitive to comments about reference to a person’s age?

      WTF are you smoking??? CRACK????

    2. Tami, I’m sure you’re one of those “60 years young” type.. if some scumbag gets popped for drug charges, least we can do is laugh at them.

    3. I like how you’re playing the victim when this has nothing at all to do with you! Unless you were a customer of theirs..then I could see why you’re upset. Also to clear the air THEY ARE BOTH PIECES OF SHIT DRUG DEALERS. To me…Michelle Turpin looks like she is mid 50s but is really in her early 40s, however drugs make a person age horribly. Have a nice night Tami 🙂

    4. Grab a cold cloth Tami.
      And go lay down.
      No wrong doing occurred in the article.
      Also- its not mandatory for you to read this column-

  2. Way to go TBPS!!! Once again ridding these turds from our city. Keep hammering away. Thanks!!
    Let’s watch them all circle the bowl!!

  3. ‘Lives all the way around the board have been affected negatively’? I’d assume that she has a hotel on Baltic and Mediterranean Ave and due to the fact that she landed on go to jail, she won’t be receiving $200 for passing go and won’t be receiving any money from cheap real estate dealings? Is this the board you were referring to, Tami? Let them both suffer and hope neither roll any doubles soon. Stop being an enabler.

  4. The onion has many layers that need to be brought to light here. Starting from the top down. it may be helpful to look at “Perdue University” and their role in Pharmaceutical education. The good, trusting people that have seen their pain and discomfort magically disappear so they can get back in the game called “Life” have put their faith in the Pharmacists that can only accept what the manufactures have listed in the annual documented Pharmaceutical Indexes, updated and amended frequently. The assurance of the frequency of use is all that we need. We, as consumers must be more diligent when the Human “element” is involved. Southern neighbours have started the legal process to “Curb the Enthusiasm.”

  5. No need to do a victory dance but we can now find a point now that every block, town, city, Province and State have finally reached by bringing the real instigators to trial and sentencing has already commenced in the U.S. Pharmacists are being incarcerated up for 5 to 10 years. There are many that are going to be tried and convicted for unethical and dangerous involvement in a business that seems to have simply reached it’s capacity to help and instead “hinder” and even risk the demise of someone who has become addicted to the point of apparently “desperate measures.” WE older folks are bewildered but must have some awareness of the Trust that patients and people hold. “Trust” in (Labels) is also at issue. here. Money, or lack thereof is at root; as usual, money is no excuse for jeopardizing a life, alcohol can “affect” things too..

  6. A pair of abusers.
    How about a job ?
    How about some responsibility?
    Grow up both of you- society isnt interested in paying your way.


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