Child Under 10 Sexually Assaulted, Numerous Other Crimes


(FORT FRANCES, ON) – Hardworking officers with the Treaty Three Police Service (T3PS) located in the Fort Frances detachment have made an arrest regarding a child under 10 years of age being sexually assaulted. Numerous other crimes were also connected to the same suspect including a number of assaults with a weapon, break and enters, assault with intent to steal and various other crimes listed below.

Allegations are that a child was forcibly confined, sexually touched and sexually assaulted. 28-year-old Kevin Carl Tuesday Junior was arrested, charged, and held in police custody pending a court appearance. That court appearance took place this morning at the Thunder Bay Courthouse.


Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic was presiding along with a Crown Attorney that I have not been able to identify yet and criminal defence lawyer Aranka Golphy who was fulfilling the role of duty counsel.

Tuesday had three active warrants for his arrest for some time. The charges he is facing are listed below:

  • Sexual assault.
  • Sexual interference of a child.
  • Touching for a sexual purpose.
  • Forcible confinement.
  • Failure to comply with bail conditions x4.
  • Mischief x4.
  • Break and enter x2
  • Assault with a weapon x4.
  • Assault with intent to steal x4.

Tuesday was not granted release from police custody today. He is headed to the Fort Frances jail where he will likely sit until at least his next scheduled appearance in a Fort Frances courtroom on Monday, December 16th, 2019.


None of these charges have been proven in a court of law.


16 Replies to “Child Under 10 Sexually Assaulted, Numerous Other Crimes”

  1. 10-90-100.

    Poster boy for “never a chance for rehabilitation”.

    This chronic psycho pervert should be disposed of.

    The sick bastard has forever altered the life of a child. A child that will forever be scarred by the memories of this mentally disturbed monster. Castrate him.

    Canada really needs to bring back the chair!

  2. This type of thing has been going on for generations on those reserves. As we ALL know this is because of his parents OR grandparents OR great great grandparents TWICE removed and isn’t truly his fault as he is a product of his environment and we should take pity on this poor guy. He simply didn’t know it was wrong! Please don’t say otherwise or else you’re a racist to the highest power and will be labeled and banished. As for the victim in all of this, I’m sure the laws will completely vindicate her and her family…through gladeu….hummm….does this wind up being a double negative and nothing happens? I hope Mr. Kevin Carl Tuesday JR has some kind of good punishment coming his way….but alas….again…I’m sure it will be a restraining order and that’s probably it. He also might not be able to leave his house for a few months and will be allowed unlimited delivery services for meals as punishment.

    1. your an asshole and if you take this kind of crime as an , oh, poor kid who did this, your a fool and an asshole your self!

    2. Krystal:

      Do you have any figures regarding the rate of child sexual abuse/incest going on at the reserves vs. the rest of Canada?

      Due to the “kid glove/blind eye” approach taken by our gutless federal govt, these stats are hard to come by. However, if you look at the problem from a criminality perspective, you’ll see that the reserves are cesspools of this kind of indecent behaviour.

    3. As a status Native Canadian I will comment on this and you cannot label me a racist and if you do label me a racist or anyone else one, you are in fact a racist yourself. I do not care how long this has been going on in the reserves or anywhere. It is wrong and unless he is severely mentally disabled, Kevin (the piece of shit pervert) knew what he was doing was wrong. With that he should be charged accordingly. It was no one’s fault but his own that he molested and possibly raped those children. He also should be put in general population with a t-shirt labeled “GOOF” in capital letters then fed to the dogs.

  3. Put his a** in jail the guys that are doing life will show him what that poor child went though iam sure that would happen if he goes to Stoney mountain for the farm in tbay would even teach him a lesson I feel sorry for this child I hope this child can still live a good life

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