Child Pornography Arrest: Images of Local Child


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Yet another child pornography bust in the city of Thunder Bay. Due to multiple types of publication bans, details on this story are going to be thin unless a member of the public reaches out to me with more information or the police do a media release.
Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service were investigating allegations that a man had either taken or possessed inappropriate photos of a child aging in the single digit range. Due to progress in that investigation, officers have arrested and detained 25-year-old Dakota Moskotaywenene.
Thunder Bay Police Service officers with Cyber Crimes Unit began an investigation in early September involving a local man believed to be in possession of child pornography.
Through the course of their investigation officers identified a suspect and confirmed they had uploaded material consistent with child pornography.
Police executed a search warrant on an apartment in the 900 block of John Street in the morning hours of Wednesday, Oct. 9. During that search the accused was arrested, and a number of devices were seized by police.
Moskotaywenene appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse (A,K.A. “The In and Out Day Spa”) courtroom this morning via video link while in police custody at the Thunder Bay Police Service station (A.K.A. “Hotel Balmoral”). He appeared in front of His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcal Donio, Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock Them Up!” Van Kessel and duty counsel lawyer Stewart.
Moskotaywenene is being charged with 1 child porn related offence pertaining to images of a small child.
He is denied bail today and has been ordered to remain in jail until at least his next scheduled court appearance set of October 11th, 2019 in courtroom 104 at 1:00 pm. This is an on-going investigation and further charges may be coming soon.
Anyone with a photo of this guy is urged to text it to 807-355-8917 or email it to


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  1. You cant rehabilitate evil. And assholes who produce child porno are the worst evil on this planet. There ought to be a law especially for them that neutralizes them in the worst imaginable way. But our wuz society coddles them. So instead of segregating them in jail , let them join the main population there and see how long they last. Even the majority of the worst criminals have their own code of ethics. Win-win either it either reduces this evil or it saves the taxpayers a boatlaod of cash.

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