Child Assaulted at the Travelodge by Parent, Parent Fights Back


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – To protect the identity of the child, no one will be named in this article.

Yesterday, at the Travelodge located at 450 Memorial Ave, Thunder Bay, Ontario, some adults were drinking alcohol in a room and a verbal dispute broke out. A child was present. Someone in the hotel dialled 911 and reported a disturbance to the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS).


Upon officers arriving, they located two intoxicated adults with their child. An investigation revealed that the father punched the child in the face during a drunken dispute and then the mother then punched the father in the face. Screaming, yelling, and other rowdy circumstances unfolded after that point. Police arrested the mother and father. Dilico was dispatched to the scene.

Police arrested, charged, and transported both parents down to the Balmoral Street police station where they were both held in custody pending their morning court appearance. They both appeared before Justice of the Peace Zelda Kitchekeesic, Crown Attorney Katrina “Lock ’em UP!” VanKessel and the talented criminal defence lawyer Aranka Golphy, who was filling the role of duty counsel.

Both parents face a single charge each of assault. Further, both were released with the following conditions:

  • Not to contact or communicate with the other parent.
  • Not to possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • Not to be under the influence of alcohol during contact that is granted by Dilico.

The father has a further condition not to contact the child.

They were both released from custody today and have court dates in January to begin answering to the charge laid on each of them.


11 Replies to “Child Assaulted at the Travelodge by Parent, Parent Fights Back”

  1. Drunk f_____g animals.

    Pity the child. With disgusting drunken parents like this, It’s likely suffering from FAS. Unfortunately it will be the next generation of welfare recipient/social problems.

    1. You’ve got it pontiac! Once a child is diagnosed with F.A.S. and is considered a mental problem. Which leads to all kinds of learning disabilities resulting in poor marks, poor attendance, and behaviour problems. Normally ADD/ADHD are also part of the gift of F.A.S which on top off all the other learning problems makes it almost impossible for the teacher to teach the child without the help of a dedicated teacher, which costs the taxpayer more and also distracts the rest of the students trying to learn. If a mother has been drinking and find out within the first month or 2 she should be less selfish (most of them see dollar signs when they find out they are pregnant) and consider terminating the pregnancy because the poor child is going to have nothing but a hard life for it’s entire existence. Also once this child becomes 18, because of all of it’s problems, it will 100% entitled to disability benefits and chances are will lead a life of petty crime and no doubt an addiction to alcohol or drugs as well.

  2. With never ending stories like this it’s no wonder this group of people has a bad reputation. This type of behaviour spans across all nationalities and all demographics, bet yet the vast majority of these events manages to be consistent with this group. The excuses are always the same (the kind of schools their parents, grandparents, great grandparents went to and how the pain lead them to the bottle to drown their pain while inflicting new pain on the next generation) and it’s a cop-out plain and simple. How many other families out there had parents or grandparents that fought in wars and once home drank to sedate themselves from the horrors they witnessed? LOTS! I’m certain my grandparents were alcoholics, but does that mean my mother was? NO! What I learned from a younger age (18-20) was to respect the drink and don’t get carried away, that’s what I learned. It’s high time that the excuses come to a stop and start taking blame and responsibility for your own actions just like every other normal productive member of society does because this “blame game” is getting real old real fast!

    1. They need to keep some of their own marginalized and living in squalor in order for the cash for life to continue. If there is an improvement in their life then how can you demand more money to solve problems. Plain and simple. if you fix a problem then it aint broke no more.

  3. I must say I almost feel relieved that I am not the only one who thinks and feels like this.
    I personally think it is so disgusting and shameful the way some of this group lives…….not all of course.
    What I do not understand is why they so often have the children involved when they are drinking and carrying on. What father punches their young child in the face, drunk or not. Truly makes me sick……but let’s not forget how badly they are treated by us. Again as noted “it’s the blame game”
    How about these Grand Chiefs thinking about teaching and training their own how to live and act and be good parents instead of teaching them how to put their hand out farther and farther.

    1. Aboriginals of adoptions have no choice. We may have GREAT College skills but Thunder Bay wont hire. Just a fact, too brown maybe, and scared to hire us…but they WILL hire EASTIES…not to sound racists. LMFAO. OH well they can work for us and you white people, no one is better than the white man of Thunder Bay. Go Whiteman!!!

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