Chaos Erupts at Grace Place, Brick Through Window


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Last night around 9:15 pm a 45-year-old Christopher Henry Magma (last name spelling not confirmed) was outside of Grace Place located at 235 Simpson Street waiting to get into the facility to get out of the cold.

Earlier in the evening, Shelter House had turned him away, according to the Crown in court today.


Allegations are that when Magma was standing outside of Grace Place he became upset that other users of the facility had been allowed in before he was. At this point he was becoming more and more upset. He threatened to smash a window with a brick so that he could go back to jail. Soon after he ended up smashing the window with the brick. The window is rather large, measuring at roughly six-foot tall and five-foot wide.

A 911 call was made and officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service (TBPS) arrived and investigated the situation. As a result of that investigation, Magma was arrested and charged with Mischief Causing Damage under $5000 (window). Police transported him to the TBPS station located at 1200 Balmoral Street and held him in police custody pending a court appearance.

He appeared in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom this morning in front of Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon. Crown Attorney Manon Arbour was also working the courtroom this morning along with duty counsel lawyer Aranka Golphy.


The Crown tells the court that Magma is in a Crown-onus situation, meaning that the burden falls on the Crown to show the courts why he should be released. Court hears that the Crown is not going to do that and instead consents to the release of Magma on an undertaking without surety. The proposed conditions for his release are:

  • Not to be within 50 meters of Grace Place located at 235 Simpson Street.
  • Not to possess any weapons.

After the Crown proposed these bails conditions, the Justice of the Peace expresses concern that if Magma is walking down Simpson Street on the other side of the road, that he may be in breach. She asks if 25 meters is sufficient enough for the radius restriction on that location. The Crown doesn’t take up issue with this and the condition is amended to 25 meters.

Duty counsel requests that Magma returns to court on January 17th, 2019 to begin answering to the charges. Magma is ordered released from jail.

Grace Place is a local facility that provides shelter, meals and other assistance to those who are in need. Since they started operating as such, many people who are struggling in Thunder Bay have received endless, loving and caring help from them.


8 Replies to “Chaos Erupts at Grace Place, Brick Through Window”

  1. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you.

    This lowlife prick should be banned from Grace Place for life. Hopefully other street people will give this asshole some street justice for causing such a problem to a helpful and very honourable organization that Grace Place is.

  2. Getting cold again. Maybe if govt can’t afford to open LPH all year then at least when it’s minus temps so mentally ill aren’t frozen ???? Or just pay in other ways that everyone loses.

  3. Booze and drug it up and then use the services of the shelters , life is good in Thunderbay for aboriginals . Why would they want to go back to their reserves ?

  4. Well of course he wants to go to jail . At least he is honest and admits its cold outside. and B&B is much preferable to freezing on the street. He should be nice and cozy in his cramped cell.They should all be fed beans twice a day for extra warmth. lol.

  5. Why is it he knew enough to commit a crime to get into custody for a ‘warm bed’, and that he wouldn’t be held for any length of time? I also wonder why they think he will comply with any undertakings, when his history clearly shows he knows the system is weighted in his favour. Time to start getting harder on these lowlifes. They ruin things for others who are truly in need, and are trying their best to access supports in an appropriate fashion.

  6. Not to say I am with these guys. Not everyone on the street is a low life as some of you are so kind to jump up and say this, some of these people really do have mental issues others are not there because they want to be, but because of lost jobs, banks taking homes and turning families out into the cold because they don’t care a long as it doesn’t cost them for the government like they really give a shit as long as they have their fancy jobs homes cares 2.5 snotty brats and don’t even get me started on the perks they get for just being elected never mind actually doing something besides jacking up taxes. We the people vote these assholes into government people the likes of DOUG FORD who only wants o keep taking away from poor homeless people already who have nothing and it is getting worse how about instead of knocking these people how about doing something with the government that is closing down places for them to go and cutting back AGAIN on ODSP (NO I AM NOT ON ANY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM EITHER) How about nailing some politicians ass against a hard cold brick wall naked and see how he likes to be treated less than human!

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