Car-Hopper Gets Popped by the Police


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A car hopping POS has been arrested by front line officers of th Thunder Bay Police Service. Below is the media release.
An observant local business owner helped police locate a “car hopper” who was targeting vehicles in the city’s north downtown core.
Thunder Bay Police Service officers were dispatched to the area of St. Paul and Van Norman Streets at about 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 28 following reports that items were stolen from a parked vehicle.
Police learned an area business owner had witnessed a male acting suspiciously between parked cars. The business owner began to approach the male, who was now inside a vehicle on the passenger’s side. The business owner recognized the vehicle as belonging to someone else and confronted the male, who then fled the area.
The business owner located the vehicle’s owner, who discovered undisclosed items and cash had been removed.
As a result of an ongoing investigation, and thanks to the assistance from witnesses, investigators were able to quickly identify a suspect. An accused was located and arrested by police on Thursday afternoon.
A 34-year-old Thunder Bay man is charged with Theft Under $5,000 and Breach of Probation. He is scheduled to appear in bail court today.
Car hopping is a term that describes the act of stealing items from multiple vehicles in the same area. Would-be thieves typically go from car to car checking if the doors are locked. When a door is unlocked the thief then goes through the vehicle in search for valuables.
This is a crime of opportunity, and the Thunder Bay Police Service would like to remind the public that locking their vehicle doors and keeping valuables out of sight is a strong defence against carp hopping.
If you observe suspicious activity, please call police. If you have been the victim of car hopping, consider making a reporter via the Thunder Bay Police Service’s online reporting tool:


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  1. PINO!!!
    This is the EXACT SAME GUY making the rounds in Parkdale!!! August 21st at 1:50AM. My neighbor has a video camera and unfortunately 2 neighbors across the street left their vehicles unlocked and he ransacked them. Anyway my neighbor uploaded the video to YouTube for all to see, and thanks to this story about this POS being in court I called the police to review the footage and he will be getting charges again. If you want to check out the video it starts at 50 seconds in. Just type this into YouTube’s search bar.
    20190821 014947 – Car Burglar
    Thanks again for the information about this guy being in court and the picture of him!! You’ll see he is wearing the EXACT same clothes as in your picture. I really think that he must have a friend driving him waiting down the street, or the loser may even have his own car because he’s getting around somehow.

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