Brian Hamilton, City Councillor Statement on Dease Shooting


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – RE: Dease & McKenzie shooting.

I am beyond frustrated with this situation. Police have known about this house for months. Neighbours have been organizing and trying to work with police & bylaw to address the rampant issues at this address. There have been arrests. Apparently not enough.


This is similar to the Algoma St murder where drug deals/prostitution went unchecked for months before the occupant was finally murdered.

Not sure the answer here but if local police need help, we need to get them help. Not just money, but advocacy at the federal level. We also need to encourage cooperation between neighbours, police, agencies and the City.

Events like this are traumatizing, isolating and highlight the need for serious attention at the street level.


Please contact City Council, all of them. This isn’t a Ward issue. This is the front line and requires the attention of the entire community.


3 Replies to “Brian Hamilton, City Councillor Statement on Dease Shooting”

  1. Don’t really follow city politics, but someone who doesn’t seem to sugarcoat the real issue. Gangs drug dealers fnnng up the city. The city had enough issues with local drug dealers witch obviously police avoided conveniently 😏

  2. Lots of talking but no doing.

    Declare martial law for one month and let the cops & military to their jobs. They need to beat these lowlife bast@rds into the dirt. Make it real ugly for criminals for a while and watch the rats flee the city.

    However, due to the negative national/global attention that martial law would bring to Dumpster Bay, the potential loss of wait for it – “tourism” and a tarnished reputation that would dissuade – wait for it – “business” rest assured that those with most to lose would object to such harsh measures. It’s not their homes being invaded nor their kids being hooked on drugs. They’re more than content with the status quo as long as their revenue streams aren’t interrupted..

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