Break & Enter Closes Bay Village Coffee


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Over the weekend, Calico Coffee House was closed for a single day as someone smashed their way in and stole the cash register. It appears that Bay Village Coffee has now fallen victim to a break and enter.
The incident happened around 10:20 pm on Monday evening. Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have responded and an investigation is underway.

Bay Village Coffee on Bay Street will be closed today, but they say they are set to open up for tomorrow morning. Their court street location is open today from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm for delicious beverages and bagels from Boreal Bakery.

Chances are this was yet another “crime of opportunity” executed by a person with an out of control drug addiction. Thunder Bay desperately needs better addiction rehabilitation services which includes a large detox centre.

Go down and show your support to this local business.
Photo credits: Bay Village Coffee.


2 Replies to “Break & Enter Closes Bay Village Coffee”

  1. This business is one of many that contribute to the economy here. Just imagine how the owners must feel so violated by this. I guess all stores will soon have to start putting that metal security fencing across their entrances. Hopefully the owners know that the actions of one asshole dont reflect the rest of us. Next time you are in a local business, let them know you appreciate their store and thank them for being here.

  2. I’m surprised that anyone would want to start a small storefront business in this town. These entrepreneurs work hard and save to scrape up enough money to set up a business and lowlife, dirtbag slime balls set them back hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damaged property, insurance costs and loss of business.
    To make matters worse, chances are the culprits will never be caught. Dumpster Bay is a seething sh!t hole on the verge of anarchy due to insufficient law enforcement and much less effective judicial system. What lowlife that cops manage to apprehend, the judges just wag their fingers at them and put them right back on the streets. I truly pity the cops who have to deal with the human trash plaguing our streets.

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