Break and Enter: Nook Restaurant


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The Thunder Bay Police Service is requesting public assistance in identifying two suspects connected to a recent break and enter to a business.

Officers with the Uniform Patrol Branch were originally dispatched to a break and enter that had just occurred at the Nook restaurant at 271 Bay Street just after 6 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 28. This was the second break and enter to that business that morning; the first occurring around 2 a.m.


During the second break-in, two suspects entered the business. One suspect attempted to gain access to the cash register, while the second suspect attempted to steal merchandise from the business.

Both entered the business through the forced entry of a side window. Both exited from the same location.

The first suspect is believed to be a male, possibly in his 30s, with a skinny build. He wore red gloves, black shoes with white on the bottom, grey pants and a green sweater-hoodie at the time of the incident.


The second suspect is believed to be a male in his 30s with a medium build. He wore a black jacket with fur on the hood and tan work boots at the time of the incident. The left sleeve of the jacket appeared to be cut open with white liner coming out of it.

The suspect involved in the earlier break and enter to the Nook is described as being tall and thin with dark, chin-length hair. Other descriptors, including the suspected gender, are not available at this time.

As a result of an ongoing investigation by members of the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Break and Enter and Armed Robbery (BEAR) Unit, footage showing the suspects involved is now being released to the public.

If you have any information that could assist investigators please call police at 684-1200, or submit tips anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, online at


6 Replies to “Break and Enter: Nook Restaurant”

  1. What, now they don’t say what race …. what are we looking for blond, brunette, red hair, white, black, native, asian…..or just a male, that should be easy to find…

    1. It’s more than likely a 10-90-100 situation.

      As in 10% of the population committing 90% of the crime 100% of the time and we all know who the the 10% are.

      Due to over-reaction and hyper sensitivity from the leaders of the 10% community, our municipal leaders have imposed unwritten and unfair restrictions to minimize exposing the misconduct, shameful behaviour and misdeeds of the 10%.

      We have a serious situation of the tail wagging the proverbial dog. With Alvin Fiddler being the tail.

      If it weren’t for Pino, we’d not be hearing anything of the crimes being committed by the 10%.

    2. Their not allowed.
      Fiddler gets upset and causes drama for them being racist.
      Cuz you know, it’s racist to say someone’s race now.
      Vote Liberal 2020!

  2. Unfortunately the only way businesses will escape this trash is too heavily enforce every window and entranceway into thier shops. Alarm systems and surveilance are just not enough because the police out numbered and are way too busy and by the time they actually get to a robbery the culprits are long gone. Besides even if the police do catch those POS, the courts just let them right back onto the stret to continue all over again. For the size of this town, it is worst than Detroit ever was. I watched a well known celebrity from Detroit give an interview and he said that he would never ever ever visit Detroit without packing. Too bad we cant do that here. Right now it is NOT fair that POS have guns and eveyone else remains a sitting duck. I agree with the philosophy, that I would rather have a gun on me and never ever have to use it than be just once in a situation where I needed it and didnt have it.

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