BEWARE: Aggressive County Park Lurker Ransacking


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It was about 11:45 pm on Saturday night when a woman noticed something out of order in her backyard via surveillance cameras. It was the County Park Lurker.
The male appeared to be working alone and was ransacking backyards tonight. Rifling through various items, quickly assessing their value before moving onto the next.
Once the woman realized the man was up to no good she shouted through her surveillance system for the man to leave. At this point he attempted to gain entry to her home. A 911 call was made.

All residents of County Park need to be on the lookout for the County Park Lurker. This scumbag is still out there, still lurking.
Police swarmed the neighbourhood and have been sweeping for the male. It appears they have had no luck locating the slimeball. This behaviour is a clear example of a city that has lost the battle against addiction. This guy is clearly strung out and looking to steal whatever he can to get his next fix. Check your vehicles, citizens.
If you have become a victim of crime or have information you need to get out to the public, please contact us via text at 807-355-8917 or email at


6 Replies to “BEWARE: Aggressive County Park Lurker Ransacking”

  1. Sounds like the woman didn’t have a man in the house. Had it been my place that he tried to enter while I was home, he’d need EMS to haul him off of the property.
    We need a stand your ground law in this country. If we did, watch how quickly crime would drop. Especially in drug and violence ridden, welfare sucking Dumpster Bay.

  2. Didn’t have a man in the house please
    What would you do Rex tell us ?
    Do you have a hand gun or rifle ?
    Just beat him up a little so he needed medical attention ?
    After you beat him up a little or shot him would you then call 911

    1. We have more than sufficient means to protect ourselves.
      The response to violence would escalate proportionately to the point required to protect myself and family. If necessary, many options can and will be deployed depending on circumstances.
      If someone is breaking into my home while I’m there, they can expect considerable opposition.
      You can read into that anything you like.

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