(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Bear Clan Thunder Bay was on their routine patrols overnight when they had to endure some aggressive behaviour, according to them.

They say there was several cars parked at Chapple’s Park as well as the bridge by Delaney Arena/Golf Course.


The people that were sitting around are alleged by Bear Clan to have had malicious intent and were shouting racial slurs at the group of volunteers that patrol areas of the city, looking for vulnerable people to help.

“We were approached with intimidation and then boxed in and couldn’t leave the area while on patrol (8 witnesses and on camera). Be safe, please don’t go anywhere alone.” Bear Clans statement said.


”We were on our way to check the river and had to drive by the parking lot first. We saw a car parked with its lights on and it sort of followed us and then another car met up with it with the drivers conversing. Then both cars drove up on us as we were parked and the occupants stared us down.” Bear Clan said.


“One car backed up and blocked the road so we couldn’t drive passed and a few people yelled some racial slurs. They eventually drove off after about three minutes. Different story if someone were walking through alone. This was very aggressive and hostile.”

Bear Clan says they are closing their evening shifts but continuing with their midnight shifts until they have the area more thoroughly covered.

Bear Clan is also encouraging people to speak up about their stories, and to always share them with others.


“A lot of people have asked where the video is. We had a film crew with us last night shooting a documentary and a journalist taking photos. I believe the film will be out in a few months if everyone can wait patiently. Until then avoid that area at all costs.

We did notice the rivers are higher right now and the currents are much faster and it’s very cold with ice chunks. These types of things do run through one’s mind in these situations. This may have been a very different situation for someone walking alone. Please stay safe and avoid the more desolate looking parking lots by the river (Neebing,McIntyre,Kam-Mission Marsh)

We are all equal in those situations as those with privilege who are patrolling lose that very quickly and experience the same oppressions and colonial violence.”


You can support Bear Clan by visiting their Facebook page and joining their community patrols among other many other initiatives they do at the link below



    1. Be careful when you use the term “racist”. You just might find the racists are opposite what you were lead to believe.

    2. Bubba I agree. Growing up I received it from from both groups I wasn’t brown enough or white enough. So ya I received racial slurs from 2 groups. I’m over it and kicked a lot of ass back in the day. But I had to stand up for myself and no one should have to go through that. Racial slurs really affect people.

    1. According to the article: “We had a film crew with us last night shooting a documentary and a journalist taking photos. I believe the film will be out in a few months if everyone can wait patiently.”
      So apparently it’s more important to protect the video and images for the documentary and build hype for it than it is to release the materials so the vehicles and people can be identified in an expeditious manner. “Until then avoid that area at all costs.” because they won’t show you who was involved until you pay to watch.

    2. Something doesn’t smell right with this Bear Clan claim , did they turn over their videos to the Police ?

    3. Bubba the term “racist” was not used! The Clan said racial slurs were yelled out by some of the people in the vehicles.

  1. Bubba, I am a white female. I worked as a nurse in several northern Cree and Inuit villages in the days when they were only serviced by float plane or ship and not once was I subjected to racist taunts, insults or assaults. I am not saying racists don’t exist in every race but there are far fewer among Indiginous people than among us whites at least in Thunder Bay. That has been my experience over several decades.

    1. Change places of ethnicities with everyone leaving you the only non-white there and your point will surely be proven. I do believe your letter would be a lot different I’m sure you can imagine, yes?

  2. My spouse and I would like to come out and volunteer BEAR CLAN PATROL. We both take part with the MMIW walks as we both have lost loved ones to murder. Our people are targer here in Thunder Bay, who knows why. I wish they would see that we too have hearts, and work hard to make a living in todays society.

  3. Terrible decision to “wait for the movie”. They have high quality video of a large number (a ‘gang’ ?) of people acting with threatening behaviour , possibly even license plates ? Get this over to the police immediately, and release the clips on a public stage too (in case you think the police are ineffective). Don’t wait for months and allow other people to possibly be threatened , merely to polish up the video editing and capture how everyone feels etc. Act now, don’t even edit out the parts you find more interesting, just release the whole section from there.
    Is there more background to this story or was it just a completely random meeting of a group of racists and a group of bearclans with a film crew ?

    1. Is saying racial slurs really going to amount to an arrest by the police? Maybe they might go talk to them if they have time. I think I would rather wait for the movie.

  4. I always read the comments of the people and wonder what they are really thinking when they write their comment. So this is what I have to say on this matter, racism will never go away and yes it comes from all racies of people.. and it comes from what we are taught at home in school and by other people like gangs, kkk, an other groups but it is up to each individual what to do with the racial information and how we act it out. Most are just followers trying to find some place to fit in. As native people we have faced this since we have been invaded by the white society. We been murder and torchreed but we have still survived all of this and other nations also that have been invaded. By the white people. So the real healing has to began with the white people they have to think about why they think they are so superior . And deal with the fear they Carry from their ancestors that makes them feel this way. Our people need to heal around our fear and how we have picked up one of that societies bad tools they brought here. There is more to be said but this is far as I’m going to go today.

    1. I believe that racism in this city comes from white privileged teenagers who drive their parents cars throwing eggs fast food and unfortunately a trailer hitch. Where did they learn this? Not saying all are bad just a handful.

    2. Good answer – you thought a lot about what you wrote. I’m old 75, raised in the white world, us brown ones were always different. Maybe our parents taught us to back off or back down – I don’t think so. Civilized people treat other people that way. It’s who you are and how you are raised. I have 2 sons, they are also a bit brown. We have all lived in urban white neighborhoods all our lives. Caring and sharing and not getting alarmed has helped. For sure it is not a good thing to be targetted because you’re brown or even worse – a proud Native Canadian. Hard to be proud to be a Canadian when there are people insisting that ‘you don’t belong here’. Stay who you are, be proud of your family and their heritage and the knowledge that you own.

  5. this is obviously just hype and self promotion by a bunch of people that need “racism” to justify their own existence. People would have to be EXTREMELY foolish to believe this “event” actually happened as they purport it to have. Shame on all involved.

  6. @ Thelma.

    I beg to differ. Please READ the first comment!

    Laura says:
    November 10, 2018 at 9:09 am
    How can I volunteer with Bear Clan? They need help by the look of things especially when dealing with racists.

  7. if all on camera, then easy to get the bottom of it quickly and produce the licence plate numbers to the police-
    otherwise it looks like a made for TV moment to hype up whatever film you are making

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