Baseball Bat / Hammer Beating Victim Brain Dead


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Two males were arrested earlier this week, a 19-year-old Cody Echum (pictured) and a 14-year-old youth who cannot be named in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The two suspects are believed to have gained entry into the home of an 18-year-old Austin and beat him with a baseball bat and a hammer. Sources indicate that Austin had just got his payout of a land claim settlement and the two suspects had intentions of robbing him for money.


The incident happened shortly before 3:00 in the 200 block of Syndicate Ave North. Residents in the area heard and witnessed a number of people fleeing from the home while screaming. Austin’s mother heard a bang and discovered him laying on the ground unresponsive. She called 911 immediately.

Numerous police cruisers along with paramedics responded to the scene and the 18-year-old Austin was transported to the emergency department of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre where he was not expected to live.

Earlier today, Austin was deemed brain dead, according to family. A significant announcement is expected tomorrow or the next day.


Echum and the youth were both charged with Aggravated Assault.

This is a developing story and we will continue to follow the information as it becomes available.

At the request of family and a TBPS investigator, certain details were omitted.


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  1. My condolences to Austin’s mom and family. It is absurd that you were robbed of your boy’s life for so little. There is something wrong that these boys would do this cruel act. I am saddened.

    1. Our prayers and concerns for Austin’s father and mother as well as the rest of their children ,and also Austin’s grandparents ,aunt’s and uncles we pray the creator will ease your pain and suffering.As well we pray that justice is severe and show no remorse whatsoever these cowards have a lifetime of punishment coming to them.The cowardly crime committed on Austin and his family is as evil as it gets.Nothing can ever replace the loss,but I pray this senseless act of violence is punishable for the rest of their lives,may they sleep with one eye open for eternity and have a cell mate with a grudge against cowards , Love uncle Gus

    2. Yeah you have too wonder how their brains work and they should get first degree murder as it was planned out in advance.

  2. Sympathy to the family of this horrible crime. Not even two weeks into the new year and murder number two occurs. When are the players running the show here going to say enough already? I am so sick and tired of the lack of leadership here and the useless system that coddles criminals and punishes victims. I know someone who was living in California and when the police chief came and said to her family I am sorry but I have to admit that the police can no longer guarantee they safety of your kids from the gangs and drugs, they packed up and moved to a smaller city away from all the crime. Sounds like the same thing is going on here except no one is admitting anything. When your kids are being killed and the cops can not keep up with the trash either some drastic action needs to take place or its time to get out of Dodge.

  3. My condolences to the family, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope these kids don’t get off light, I understand they are young offenders but this was no accident and now that mother has lost her son.

  4. My heart goes out to Austins family..just no explanation for the loss of this young man and the two that did this disturbing act?!! It tallies to 3 young lives wasted when they hadnt even started to live!!I just am so bothered by the reality of the senseless beating…what kind of monsters do this?Drug induced rage? So many people affected by so many bad senseless decisions. And charged with Aggravated Assault…not even with a weapon??..for such a heinous crime it should be a lot different charge.

  5. life is not easy and now three life are now ruin becaue this city not easy one..we have to pray bc the system don’t help, it make whoever go in smarter

  6. Yes, there is Something wrong with them alright.
    Fiddler, should be piping up.
    If it was a white guy doing the ball-batting and hammering, that tit would be in an uproar, making it into something it isn’t.
    He should get off the bottle and pipe up about the wrong Doing his people commit.
    But nope!
    Just another day in NAN.

    1. Big Chief I agree. The biggest whiners are doing absolutely nothing to resolve the issues they complain incessantly about. Absolutely not one iota of leadership there at all. That jerk is fiddling while his brothers and sisters are dying. But hey those players have plenty of perks and do not have to worry about any of that stuff. It is beyond unconscionable how some can look into a mirror while they profit from other peoples misery.

    2. Bring in Capital punishment and alot of this crime would go away.Fiddler and Collins the two biggest hypocrites.whats your excuse now.1 young man and 1 young boy.Lets here it !!!!!!!!!.one word for the two of you “pathetic”.my condolences to the families.

  7. Aggravated assault? Should both be charged with attempted murder, upped to first degree murder if the victim dies.

  8. My heart is so heavy for his mother and his whole family. I cant believe how desensitized the youth are to violence these days. It is so incredibly upsetting that these boys valued money so much, that it was worth more than this boys life to them. A family is devastated and broken….over money; No amount of money is worth more than someones life! For our children, we really need to focus on teaching, and implementing the old school values and morals that are so badly lacking. Respect, love, compassion, empathy etc., should be so ingrained in our children, that they come natural to them…not the entitlement, greed, selfishness, etc., that the children these days display. Unless we all work a little harder giving our kids the attention, and teachings that they so badly need, the future is very unsettling.
    Condolences and many prayers to the family, no words can describe how incredibly sorry I am for the situation you are now faced with.

  9. So sad the family has to endure such heartbreak because of a couple of lowlife punks. Not one word was mentioned on our local TV news yesterday that this young man has died. I agree with Rex’s comment. What has this city to gain by trying to cover up what is happening here? The irreparable damage has already been done., we have been effectively trashed nationally by the media on many occassions and there is no reputation left to save. When i go on vacation now, if someone asks me where I am from i just say Northen Ontario or near Nipigon if they ask more, because I am tired of getting looked at as if I am a pariah when I say Thunder Bay.

  10. The 14 year old should charged as an adult for a crime like this instead of being shielded by the Youth Criminal Justice Act!!

    1. Between the Young Offenders Act and and Galdue, this prick won’t even likely get a detention at school. That is if the criminal even went to school?

      He’ll get a stern finger wagging and a lecture from the judge that will go in one ear and right out the other. Then he’ll be back on the streets carrying on his criminal ways as per usual.

      Hopefully, someone out there associated with Austin’s family will even the score.

  11. let’s try again…bring back death penalty for murder….NO? Then block this P. You know everyone wants this…but too scared to say it…

  12. Once again, not a peep from “NAN Grand Chief” Alvin Fiddler.

    What’s the hold up Alvin? I’m certain that the bat and hammer were made by non-indigenous people somewhere. You should be raging about that. No?

    Seems whenever there’s FN on FN murder or violence, Fiddler accepts it like it’s just part of their culture. Had a non-native been within a mile of the heinous crime, he’d be screaming blue murder.

    Funny how that works?

    A guy who’s sent away from the TBRHSC goes out and hangs himself and Fiddler goes through the roof blaming everyone at the TBHRSC and mainstream society in general. A native woman kills here own child and these two native punks kill this innocent young man within days of each incident and we hear nothing at all from Fiddler.

    I find that very unsettling and I suspect that the families of the victims are likely just as disappointed in their “Grand Chief” as well.

    Condolences to family and friends of these young people who had their lives snatched from them.

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