Attempts to Escape Custody, Numerous Police Assaulted


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – A youth appeared in a Thunder Bay courtroom this morning while in custody at the Treaty Three Police Service detachment in Kenora, Ontario. The court appearance was made via telephone call.

On November 16th, 2019, the youth was arrested by police for multiple assaults that took place. During the arrest, three separate officers were assaulted by the officer and the youth attempted to escape police custody a number of times by pulling away and attempting to run. Police managed to regain control of the youth each time.


His Worship, Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio was presiding over court this morning along with Crown Attorney Andrea Mason and a duty counsel representative. The youths charges are:

  • Assault police x3.
  • Assault x2.
  • Breaching probation order made on October 17th, 2018 (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).
  • Breaching probation order made on October 17th, 2018 (abide by the rules of the home).

The Crown refuses to release the youth today, even tho they are a youth. This takes quite a bit of circumstances for a Crown not to release a youth. That alone shows the severity of whats in the Crown’s brief.

The youth is ordered to remain in jail until at least tomorrow, when they are scheduled to return to court for another swing at bail.


The Youth Criminal Justice Act does not allow youth’s to be named in publications regarding their criminal charges.


4 Replies to “Attempts to Escape Custody, Numerous Police Assaulted”

  1. I said it before and I say it again. Need to get rid of the Young Offenders Act. These little shits want to act like adults then they should be tried as one.

  2. Canada needs to abolish that useless Youth Offenders Act and start treating those wannabe gangsta punks as adults in the court room. But no they treated them like terible two year olds and then tell them not to do that again and that gangsta punk says fuck you, I’ll be back. Canada’s laws need to change to reflect what is happening in society. Those who sell the drugs and those who kill someone . need to have a ride on “old sparky” the electric chair because we are not going to see any reduction in those types of crimes until something drastic in our judicial system changes. I wish those snowflake politicians would either shit or get off the pot. Either punish those creeps severely or let the rest of us carry a piece and have a stand your ground law here.

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