At Least One Pullia Election Sign Vandalized


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – As the federal election gets closer and closer, some supposedly anti-conservatives decided to tamper with at least one election sign.
Frank Pullia, long time successful city councillor is running in the federal election under the conservative banner.
Pullia is well liked in the community and has done many good things for the city of Thunder Bay as councillor and as a private citizen.
Earlier this year, some people tried to scold Pullia and assumed he was going to push the government to push the abortion debate into law. Pullia released a video stating that abortion is a woman’s choice, not his and that he will leave it at that.
Election sign tampering/vandalizing is a criminal offence which will end you up in court. It is a good choice not to engage in such conduct.
TRCCTB.COM would like to urge everyone to get out and vote this year, whoever your party or candidate of choice may be.


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