Assaulting Police, Firearms, Endangering Child & More


(LONGLAC, ON) – Once again, some of the hardest-working officers in the province have slapped hands into some cuffs and hauled a suspect into their detachment.

Allegations are that on February 13th, 2020, 26-year-old Jocelyne Marie Shea was out on bail on some serious charges that were laid previously. Police believe the woman breached her bail conditions she agreed to follow and during her arrest, it is alleged she assaulted 3 police officers.


Officers with the Greenstone detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police hauled the suspect off to a holding cell where she remained until her court appearance which happened this morning in a Thunder Bay courthouse courtroom. She appeared via video link while still in police custody at the Greenstone detachment.

Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Jennifer Neill was presiding over matters this morning along with Crown Attorney Afton Brown and criminal defence lawyer Aranka Golphy who was working the duty counsel desk. Sheas new charges are:

  • Breaching bail conditions.
  • Assault police x3.

She is still going through the court system for charges that stemmed from a previous incident that involved children’s lives being endangered allegedly with a firearm. Those charges are:

  • Endangering the life of a child.
  • Careless use of a firearm.
  • Possession of a firearm without a license.

Shea is not granted a release from police custody today. She is likely going to need a strong bail plan which includes at least a surety. It appears that her lawyer of choice is expert legal counsel Kevin Matthews. She will remain in jail and return to court on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020.

Crying erupts as the video link is ended.


5 Replies to “Assaulting Police, Firearms, Endangering Child & More”

  1. Can’t say if her behaviour was due to drugs or not? If not, she’s probably just a psycho.

    Hope she isn’t in charge of any children.

    1. Too bad the cops didnt slip oops and give her a couple of swift boots to her crotchrot when they were assaulted by her or helped her useless skull meet the entrance to the cruise a couple of times. . There either needs to be some stiffer penalty for assaulting a cop or the cop should be allowed to reciprocate the same treatment. POS like this scuz bag only assault the cops cause they know they wont get it back. If they knew they were going to receive the same treatment, assaults on cops would go down substantially. I bet she would not be smiling if she pulled this shit off on a cop in Dallas or Memphis.

  2. So I heard it took 3 officers to take this girl down n she was bruised up from the incident… stupid cops I don’t like them at all power tripping all the time


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