Assault With a TELEVISION Lands Woman Behind Bars


(RED LAKE, ON) – Straight out of a movie or whatever, a woman is facing allegations of assaulting a man and then assaulting him with a television! Officers with the Red Lake detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to the incident in the early morning hours of September 28, 2019 and made the arrest.
A 19-year-old Saydie Crait, from Red Lake has been arrested and charged with the following:

  • Assault (on a man).
  • Assault with a weapon (TV).

She appeared before Her Worship, Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbons. Crown Attorney Derrick “The Hammer” Silvestro and duty counsel lawyer Robert Habjan were also present for the proceedings.
Court hears that she has some criminal matters already working their way through the criminal justice system.
The Crown Attorney enlightens the court with the fact that Crait is in a reverse-onus situation and then HAMMERS her by opposing her release today. He intends to hold her to her onus. A reverse-onus situation means that Crait will have to show the courts why she should be released from jail. The Crown puts forth a request that Crait be court-ordered not to contact or communicate with her alleged victim while she is in custody.
Duty counsel informs the court that when he spoke to Crait before court started, that her usual lawyer of choice is Matthew Angeconeb. He will reach out to her lawyer and inform him of her current situation. A request is also put forth for Crait to appear back in court on Monday, in a Kenora court room for another swing at getting released.
Her Worship, Justice of the Peace orders Crait to remain in jail until at least Monday. Further, she orders the accused to not contact or communicate with her alleged victim while in jail. Crait is headed down to Kenora and will remain in jail until at least Monday.
Everyone wants to be on TV, but not like this.