(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Two corner stores were the subject of armed robberies where suspects entered the stores while armed with guns and demanded cash.

The first incident took place at the Circle-K on Arthur and Marks, the second incident took place at the Waterloo and Walsh Circle-K.


Police managed to locate a gun after the second incident and have been investigating since.

Currently, police have a suspect in their custody regarding a break and enter with a weapon that unfolded at a residential home. Court was unable to proceed this morning due to issues with the suspect being at the hospital with police.

Court was unable to proceed this morning with the matter due to undisclosed issues.


What we know is that Tyson Spence has been charged with numerous firearms offences. Those charges are:

  • Using a firearm in the commission of an offence.
  • Pointing a firearm.
  • Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.
  • Trespass at night.
  • Break and enter to commit an indictable offence.

UPDATE: Spence has not yet been confirmed to have been linked to the recent armed robberies. The incident he is alleged to have been involved with, happened at a residence.

HISTORY ON SPENCE via Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition


Tyson Stanley Spence was sentenced to six years today in jail for aggravated assault, break and enter, obstructing a peace officer and failing to comply with a probation order for a January 2015 home invasion on John Street Road.

With credit for time served at an enhanced credit of 1.5 days for every day served, Spence, the father of a five-year-old boy, is left with two years to serve of the sentence handed to him on Monday at the Thunder Bay Courthouse by Justice Danial Newton.

His victim still suffers in pain and requires more facial surgery.

Feb 23/17. A 30 year old Tyson Spence was scheduled for trial all last week. He changed his mind to plead guilty on 4 counts. The 5th count was withdrawn by the Crown. Judge Dan Newton is presiding over the hearing. Crown Attorney is Shari Frenette and Spence is represented by lawyer Christopher Avery from Toronto. There are 3 people here in the body of the court. The Native Court Worker, the Gladue Report Writer and myself. Spence has been in custody since the incident, he’s handcuffed and in the prisoner’s box. He is wearing dark clothing and has no expression or emotion being shown.


A very lengthy statement of admitted facts are read into the record on February 17,2017. The following is a highlight of some of those facts.

On January 3,2015 just before 1 p.m. a suspicious man was seen on the property of a John St Road residence. The 63-year-old victim who worked in a nearby Esso went to check on the situation.
He found Spence inside the home. Spence had a duffel bag stolen from the home containing items he was stealing. The victim asked Spence “What are you doing?”


Spence replied “I’m doing a B & E, what the fuck does it look like I’m doing”.


Spence then attacked the victim by striking him in the head over and over with his fists.

The victim’s ex-wife was across the street at the Esso and she became concerned with the length of time the victim was gone. She alerted 2 plainclothes police detectives who happened to be at the business. They drove across to the victim’s residence where they could hear what was described as “death blows” being struck. They looked over a fence and recognized Tyson Spence from previous criminal encounters who was striking the elderly victim repeatedly in the head and the victim was bleeding heavily.

The officers announced their presence to Spence and told him he was under arrest. Spence refused to surrender and grabbed the duffel bag of stolen items and tried to run. He was able to slip past one officer but the other caught him and Spence violently fought back. Officers were required to use force to detain Spence. They had difficulty getting him under control. Spence is fairly stocky and strong. Another friend of the victim had happened to come by while police were struggling with Spence. The officers directed him to tend to the victim. These plainclothes detectives did not have a police radio on their person and had to use a cell phone to call for support.


The victim suffered some very traumatic head injuries. Multiple fractures and surgeries. He had a surgery last month and still requires more surgeries. Horrific injuries. Throughout the entire reading of admitted facts, Spence shows no emotion. It’s the same stone cold look.

Judge Newton accepts the guilty pleas and admitted facts and registers the conviction. February 27,2017 will be to Set Date for sentencing. Spence’s lawyer requests the Gladue Report and Pre-Sentence Report.

The Crown Attorney is seeking a penitentiary term for Tyson Spence.

Court is declared closed and the Gladue Worker & Native Court Worker who are sitting directly behind Spence rise to speak to him. They seem to be consoling him.

Writer’s Note :
Not sure why any other media was not present. They were all quick to announce charges but couldn’t be bothered to follow up. I’ve sat in a lot of court proceeding over the years but this one will stick in my mind on the brutality of this attack. Had those Thunder Bay Police Detectives not arrived when they did, we’d be hearing about someone who was deceased.


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  1. I unfortunately knew this family years ago and I have to say they are all screwed up right down to the mother. Both of the sons have been in and out of jail since the ages of 13-14 and the mother has been in jail tons of time. What an incredible waste of tax payer money these people waste between court and jail.

  2. How is this piece of shit still alive?
    Surprised no one has had him got yet.
    I feel for the victims family and hope they have a goon squad willing to send this diddler, rapist to his grave.

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