Another Threat Levied Against Local School


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – EARLIER: Social media posts have been made which depict another gun-related threat being made towards local schools.
The post was made to Snapchat and has been reported to police, according to our source.

Police and the school board have not said anything as of yet.
It appears that school threats are becoming more and more common.

Police take this seriously, every time. They work hard to build evidence and arrest all those involved.
UPDATE: Lakehead Public Schools Issued this statement:

Important Information for Westgate Families
Dear Westgate Families
It has come to our attention that there is a concerning social media post circulating in the community. Please rest assured that the police are actively investigating this issue at this time.
An update will be provided between 7:00 a.m,. and 7:30 a.m. on Friday, October 11.

If you have any information about this recent threat, please contact police immediately at 807-684-1200.


3 Replies to “Another Threat Levied Against Local School”

    1. It still contains a gun. These little bastards need to be beat to within and inch of their lives to show them this isn’t a laughing matter

  1. I’m quite sure that the weapon pictured is a SKS, which is a surplus military rifle. It fires the same rounds as an AK47. Very close to a 308….. losing an eye would also result in loosing the back of your head. And brains! Same weapon used by the BC shooting suspects to murder 3 innocent people. The firearm pictured has an aftermarket stock, which makes it look like a modern tactical weapon, even though it is close to 70 years old. Definitely not what you want someone walking into a school with!

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