Another Police Presence at the Midtown Inn


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – It’s Friday evening, social assistance direct bank deposits went in less than 24 hours ago and people are celebrating.

Some, more than others.


Officers with the Thunder Bay Police Service have multiple cruisers parked outside the Midtown Inn this evening.

The reason for the police presence is unknown at the time of publishing this article.

The Midtown Inn is known for previous incidents where drug trafficking, stabbings, masked criminals lurking, overdoses and even suspicious deaths have occurred.


It appears that police have been dispatched to the location more often than ever in recent times. We will follow up with more information as it becomes available.


10 Replies to “Another Police Presence at the Midtown Inn”

  1. Welfare deposits go out, drug and alcohol sales go up.

    Much of Dumpster Bay’s economy is now welfare based. All on the backs of the few of us who work(ed) for a living. Most people coming to the city are future welfare recipients. Just what the city needs……… More welfare scammers.

  2. There are charges in the judicial system such as ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor’. Why don’t they shut this place down for ‘proceeds of crime’? They know there’s criminal activities occurring and they are endorsing criminal activity and make a dollar doing so. No bulldozers! Just C4 the whole place with the criminals present!

    1. Tearing the place down might be counterproductive for police. If the slime is concentrated in this shit hole motel/hotel, it’s easier for the law to monitor drug dealing activity vs. dealers operating out of numerous other locations.

      I’d rather see these snakes operating in a hotel downtown rather than in residential areas with families and kids.

      If I were the law, I’d have a full time undercover cop living there 24/7.

  3. The Midtown should be forced to hire 2 off duty police officers to patrol the premises on their own dime .

  4. It would be interesting to see what kind of bylaw the city could come up with to at least charge the motel for every call first responders go to. Or to shut this bar down. Obviously they should at least loose there liquor licence. The only way Thunder Bay could change is if everyone starts complaining. That means not just on Facebook.

    1. I don’t think it has anything to do with the bar.I think that drug dealers have setup shop there and it is attracting addict’s.

  5. You would have to wonder if this place was ever shut down where would all these junkies hang out. Every summer gets worse and worse, as soon as that weather gets warmer out all the zombies come out of the wood works

  6. Doesn’t the opp and rcmp have officers that do drug surveillance? They should be earning their money. If judges and justice of the peace can’t keep these cockroaches in jail then there is something definitely wrong. Whose pockets are getting lined. Take these pieces of poop and send them someplace up north with no transportation in or out except food drops from the air. That’s fair!!!! I think that we as taxpayers are getting so fed up with this shit getting shoved down our throats and all we do is pay, pay and pay. I AM SICK OF THIS. I need to claim political asylum to USA.

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