Adults Punches Out Two Kids on a School Bus


(WABIGOON LAKE, ON) – The city of Dryden had their Santa Claus Parade on December 6th, 2019. A number of children and students loaded onto a school bus in Wabigoon First Nation and headed out to the city to enjoy the event.

Allegations are that once the parade finished, all the children and students loaded back up on the bus. During the bus ride back, a 23-year-old woman attacked two children. Two 10-year-old children were punched numerous times and one of the children had a goose egg and were suffering from the incident. A number of children and high-school students intervened to stop the unprovoked attack.


Hardworking officers with the Dryden detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) responded to a call for service and arrested 23-year-old Breann Britany Gordon. Police held her at the Dryden OPP detachment pending a court appearance.

This morning, in a Thunder Bay Courthouse courtroom, Gordon appeared by telephone call from the Dryden OPP detachment. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon was presiding along with Crown Attorney Derrick “The HAMMER” Silvestro and duty counsel lawyer Robert Atatise.

Gordon is facing the following charges stemming from the December 6th, 2019 school bus incident:

  • Assault x2.
  • Breaching a probation order made in the spring of 2019 (keep the peace and be of good behaviour).

Gordon is granted release from police custody today on a recognizance bail plan of $500, non-deposit and no-surety required. Here are her conditions:

  • Reside in the 0-100 block of Main Street in Wabigoon Lake First Nation.
  • Not to contact the two alleged  victims.
  • Not to be within 25 meters of anywhere the two victims are and in case of inadvertent contact, keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
  • Not to possess any weapons as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada.

Gordon is scheduled to appear in a Dryden courtroom on January 13th, 2019 to begin answering to the charges.

Anyone with photos of the suspect are urged to text them to 807-355-8917 or email


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  1. WTF Attacking innocent little kids who just had a bit of happiness and some normal activites for a change. That POS who hurt those kids needs to be punished severely. There should be no Gladue for her. Toss her sorry ass in the slammer for as long as possible to cool off her aggression. Oh wait!!!! She had a shitty childhood and she figures these kids should too. I get it now.

  2. If it was one of my kids this POS C*@#! Attacked woman or not I would beat her ass unconscious to show her there are consequences for your actions… Basically here is my philosophy “Fuck with me I fight back Fuck with my family they will never find your body..I hope one of the parents of these victims shares the same ideaolgy

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