$800,000 in Contraband Seized at Stony Mountain


On September 28, 2019, at about 11:15 a.m., as a result of the vigilance of staff members, two packages containing contraband and unauthorized items were seized in the exercise yard of the maximum security unit at Stony Mountain Institution.
The contraband and unauthorized items seized included cell phones and accessories, tools, tobacco, and THC concentrates. The total estimated institutional value of this seizure is $800,000.
The police have been notified and the Institution is investigating.
The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is heightening measures to prevent contraband and drugs from entering its institutions in order to help ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. CSC also works in partnership with the police to take action against those who attempt to introduce contraband into correctional institutions.
CSC has set up a telephone tip line for all federal institutions so that it may receive additional information about activities relating to security at CSC institutions. These activities may be related to drug use or trafficking that may threaten the safety and security of visitors, inmates and staff members working at CSC institutions.
The toll-free number, 1‑866‑780‑3784, helps ensure that the information shared is protected and that callers remain anonymous.
Source: Correctional Services Canada


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  1. If it is legal for Customs and Border to examine every parcel that enters this country addressed to law-abiding residents then it should be legal to examine every parcel that enters any correctional facility in this country as well. How the hell does packages like the ones in this article pass through their system. WTF? The prisons in this country are a sick joke and nothing but 5 star B&B for losers. Some of those losers never had it so good on the street and now they have a clean warm bed, delicious food, dental care, health care, education and recreational activities. All perks paid for by the taxpayers of this country who have to pay out of pocket for those very same perks for themselves. Whoever said crime doesnt pay obviously did not live in Canada. Time the government made correctional centres as the worst imaginable hellhole like in Iran or Russia so you never want to B&B there as long as you live. Such a simple solution to reduce crime and save billions of dollars that could be used for programs that benefit non-criminals. In Dumpster Bay they plan to build a new jail to make it even more cozy for those losers. I would rather they spend the money for more guards and better protection for the guards and better monitoring systems to watch those losers do themselves in. Overcrowded jail cell? Aw gee, sympathy comes between shit and syphillis in the dictionary. Thats my total amount of sympathy for those losers.

  2. $800,000 in two packages??? Seems a little embellished no?? these must of been BIG packages and with no hard drugs in the cache I have a hard time believing this total..Who did the estimate?? Probably someone in management who has no real clue the value of things inside

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