4 VIDEOS – Car Hopping Won’t Stop Hopping Cars


(THUNDER BAY, ON) – The “car-hopping” crisis that has Thunder Bay in a relentless grip continues to plague citizens in every nook and cranny of the city.

A deeply concerned citizen that lives in the College Park area has reached out to TRCC News and told us in an interview that a car-hopper continues to work their neighbourhood overnight. Our contact, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claims that the car-hopper returned last night.


This car-hopper has successfully stolen change from our contacts vehicle and one night managed to steal money and sunglasses out of the neighbours truck, who forgot to lock their door that evening.

Our contact says that this one car-hopper is the only one that appears on their surveillance footage. That being said, the man does his rounds at least every few nights of the neighbourhood and it appears he makes it around this home between 3:00 am and 5:00 am.

Further, our contact said that police aren’t able to do anything with the surveillance footage because no crime has been committed and caught on camera. It is not illegal to pull on someone’s car door. Even when he is milking two vehicles at once, as shown in the video below.


It is best practise to keep your vehicle doors locked once you exit your vehicle and ensure you bring absolutely anything of value with you when you leave. If you have footage of car-hoppers in action, please contact us immediately via text message at 807-355-8917 or by email at tips@trcctb.com.


8 Replies to “4 VIDEOS – Car Hopping Won’t Stop Hopping Cars”

  1. wait, catch em…break its knee caps…turned into a real hopper…wear a mask cause Lib lawyers will get you…heyyy…just kidding….😉👌

    1. If he was caught on my cameras more than once I would definitely be waiting for him till I caught the POS. Would be wearing a balaclava because it’s winter and have a hockey stick because just finished a game…. he hit me so just self defence. Not kidding

  2. He’s from the Limbrick area. And has been “hopping” around Sherbrooke School/Kensington Drive areas.
    Lights and cameras won’t deter him, he’s fast.

  3. You can buy wireless motion detector alarms for less than $50.00 that can be set up in your yard. Preferably, well ahead of the vehicles. Leave an item of value securely attached inside your vehicle but in easy sight. The idea is to set the bait to stall the pr!ck. While he’s trying to take the item, sneak up on him with a crowbar and give him a few taps. A crack across the teeth would likely curb his car hopping ambitions and renew his appreciation for soup..

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