(THUNDER BAY, ON) – Appearing handcuffed in the prisoner’s box of courtroom 102 this afternoon was 36 year old Alphius Samson Skunk. Her Honour, Justice Chantal Brochu was presiding over court along with Crown Attorney P. Pasloski and defence counsel Kate Brindley.
Court gets rolling with Skunk pleading guilty to 4 charges which were laid against him at various times earlier in 2019. Those charges are:

  • Theft under $5000 x3 (vodka, all of them).
  • Assault on a woman.

Crown Attorney P. Pasloski gets the matter moving along by reading in the agreed statement of facts into the court record. Court hears that on February 10th, 2019, Skunk walked into the LCBO located at 1010 Dawson Road and took a bottle of vodka valued around $48 and left the store without paying.
On February 15th, 2019, Skunk entered the LCBO located at 100 North Cumberland and grabbed another bottle of vodka valued around $48 and left the store without paying.
February 19th, 2019 rolls around and Skunk enters the LCBO located at 100 North Cumberland, yet again grabbing a bottle of vodka valued around $48 and leaves the store without paying.
On August 28th, 2019, Skunk assaulted a woman outside of the Subway located on Cumberland. Two independent witnesses claim they saw Skunk punch the woman and kick her. Skunk was drunk as a skunk at the time. The woman had a visible injury near her eye.

Court hears that Skunk started drinking at the young age of 9 years old. His parents were removed by non-indigenous people from their First Nation reserve at a young age and were raised by non-indigenous people in southern Ontario. Skunk is not sure if they were apart of the Sixties Scoop, but Her Honour agrees that the circumstances are nearly identical. His Gladue factors are substantial.
Court hears that Skunk has a significant criminal record which includes convictions of assault causing bodily harm, twice, and various other offences. The Crown is requesting the Skunk submit his DNA into the national DNA database.
We have a contested submission when it comes to the amount of time that Skunk should be in jail for. The Crown is pressing for 6 months and tells the court that Skunk has previous convictions for assaulting his significant other. Criminal defence lawyer Kate Brindley submits to the court that a 4 months jail sentence would be appropriate and cites the mitigating circumstances such as his gladue factors and his alcohol issues.
Her Honour asks Skunk if he has anything to say, I can’t make out what he said. Her Honour reiterates the agreed statement of facts and acknowledges Skunks Gladue factors. She also states that there is no question that these crimes were fueled by an alcohol addiction. She further states that Skunk struggles with alcohol and acknowledges the struggles that First Nation families go through due to past trauma and intergenerational trauma. These are factors that the courts take into consideration when sentencing someone.
Gladue factors are not a “get out of jail free card”, they are applied by law and must be considered by all Judge’s while making sentencing decisions. Skunk is definitely going to be serving jail time, but the question is how much is appropriate considering the factors presented.
After much thought and running through the facts of the case, Her Honour decides that a 5 month jail sentence is appropriate for Skunk. He is also ordered to supply his DNA to the DNA database. Her Honour also orders him not to possess any weapons for 2 years.
He is further sentenced to 60 days for the three thefts. Skunk has been in jail since the August 28th, 2019 assault. After considering his presentence custody, he has 13 days left to serve of the 60 days and then will start his 5 month sentence for the assault. Likely at the Thunder Bay District Jail, unless he gets shipped out to another facility that is helping alleviate the overpopulation of prisoners in our local jail.
The Crown withdraws all other charges that Skunk had outstanding in this case. Skunk is also slammed with a 12 month probation order after his release from jail. He will have to abide by the usual conditions such as report to his worker, engage in counselling surrounding his alcohol abuse and domestic violence.
He is now escorted out of the prisoners box and brought back down into the holding cells located in the basement of the courthouse. At that time he will wait for a prisoner transport to pick him up and return him to the overcrowded and understaffed Thunder Bay District Jail (A.K.A. “The Algoma Bed & Breakfast”).
It’s likely he will be out possibly by Christmas, just in time for the holidays.


In the case of Aboriginal mothers, stories of government involvement in family life often go back generations. The legacy of removing children from their families and communities, first through the residential schools, and then through the child protection system, continues to impact the lives of these mothers, their children and their grandchildren.
—Pivot Legal Society, Broken Promises


5 Replies to “3 Vodka Heists And A Beaten Woman”

  1. With a name like his, I would suspect he had obstacles to overcome as a youth. Gladue will have this ace up it’s sleeve come court time.
    “Your honour, with a name like Alphius Samson Skunk, it’s abundantly apparent that he had cruel and vindictive parents ensuring he would suffer a terrible up brining.” Accordingly, he should be given a free pass for these insignificant crimes and also be provided with all the vodka he desires in perpetuity, at no expense to him. ” Judge: “Agreed. Next!”

  2. Maybe the children are being removed because the parents have proven themselves incapable of raising them. Stop making excuses for your chosen behaviour. Are you not an adult?

  3. So Mr. Skunk started drinking at the tender age of NINE and the terrible whites took him away from his biological parents which apparently was traumatic?! For real? Had he stayed with his parents I’m sure he would have died before 20 years old. A lot of people, no matter what color you are, have gone through their fair share of bad upbringing and does that get taken into consideration? No, not normally. I’m absolutely sick of this Gladeu horse shit as a pathetic cop out for bad behavior; behavior EVERYONE with a pulse knows damn well is wrong. It’s about time EVERYBODY gets treated the exact same because the longer this shit goes on it’s only going to breed hate and keep people divided. Put it this way, if the government REALLY wanted to end all this racist bullshit they would stop the special treatment for people that have a different color skin, but they don’t want to. So here we are with resentment towards certain people in 2019 and everyone can have the best intentions but at the end of the day it’s our government to thank for allowing this to continue.
    Have a good night folks.

    1. Well said Michael.
      Get these Liberals out of power so we can restore equitable law and order in this country.
      Gladue is nothing more than an enabler for bad behaviour and it would appear that many FN people take full advantage of that.
      Think about it from FN perspective. White society admitted they made historical errors dealing with FN people causing us to misbehave and have created a scapegoat legal instrument that we can use in our favour if we break “their” laws. A slap on the wrist, some paperwork and it’s done.
      And we ask ourselves why are there so many FN people before the courts? Gladue is an instrument of unbelievable stupidity. It’s doing nothing but growing the problem.

    2. Michael, You are absolutely correct. Our government perpetuates all this racism bullshit by upholding that archiac piece of legislation enacted 169 years ago called the Indian Act. Over 50 years ago Martin Luther King was appealing to all people to not treat people differently because of the colour of thier skin, 30 years ago South Africa abolished Apartheid and here were are in Canada in 2019 still treating its citizens differently based on the colour of their skin. Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1969 tried to improve the lives of Indians in this country and the Indians adamantly refused to allow the government to abolish the Indian Act. No one in their right mind will throw cash for life down the tube. The myths about the white man stealing lands and treating only the Indians badly here is a farce. In no other time in history or place on this planet did any invaders negotiate and make treaties with the inhabitants when the invaders had the power to annilate them. Not Pizzaro, not Cortez, not Khengis Khan ,not the Vikings and not the Romans or the Greeks. When those old boys went to a land they wanted and they had the military strength, they simply took it. End of story. You simply can not dispute those facts. Looking back at the history of Canada. treaties and negoitaions between the white man and the indians took place and everyone knew exactly what they were doing.But of course there is a big advantage to selling the pity party in this country. Billions of dollars are at stake and those beneficiaries are not prepared to let that disappear.

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